Taxation is immoral. Ron Paul explains why it's wrong to steal, even for the State.

If you work for the State you are receiving stolen funds.

Walk away from that filthy lucre. Seek out jobs in the private sector.

I have an idea about handling the pandemic. Treat people like they are free. Trust people to make responsible decisions for themselves, their family, and community. Give them tax relief. Stop stealing the income of people.

Taxes are not paid. They are extorted throughout the year, and you surrender the balance demanded at the end.

Taxes are not voluntary; They are the coercive confiscation of your wealth by strangers that will destroy your life and even kill you if you resist.

but taxation is slavery too. Foundationally the state claims an absolute right to your money and property. They give you the liberty of keeping a portion; they could take it all under the same principle.


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