I just received this comment. How brainwashed is the public. This is a strong indicator.

These are the first lines of the book Covid-19 the Great Reset. Interesting choice of words. Something that is "triggered" is set like a trap.

Of course not. Wars will continue. Taxes will flourish. The state will grow.

WIP progress...
I'll be redrawing this. What message does it convey to you?

It's this a meme you could use. What are your thoughts.

What do you think? What does this communicate to you? How should I change it? Maybe the last dog gets a broken chain.

I'm gonna ink it when I nail down the details.

Watching Utopia. What a bizarre and brutal show. I'm on episode three. How timely this seems.

Have you watched this ?

Can someone explain these results for jeans for men

Some already have, but have resigned themselves to its enslavement.

Agora Station Rough

This is a rough sketch. I'm gonna put some inks on it. Perhaps it will build some interest in an open-source comic project. Writers and artist that added to this story use the hashtag

I'm rewatching the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Worlds.

This is maybe my fourth time watching it and its a much better movie than I remember. There are some dumb details worthy of critique, but there are so many threads expertly woven together.

What I have always enjoyed is how they managed to maintain the flavor of the comics. I do wish I could have read them all.

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