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I am a freedom advocate; regarding the state, I'm an abolitionist.

There is no one else on earth with a legitimate right to rule over you. Otherwise, you are legitimately their slave.

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Freedom is a state; One is either governed or free. You cannot be both.

Is your relationship with government voluntary or coerced?

Not one yes vote. It's a small sample but Mastodon users know the truth.

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American Exodus

Just an idea for a cessation hashtag .

I think Star Trek fans will only be happy when there is a deep fake movie of the original series cast; and a slightly modernized starship Enterprise.

I'd definitely go see it. That would be cool.

Also Taiwan.
Also Japan.
These are places that did NOT use draconian laws to destroy small business and make people lose their jobs. They didn't have millions dead.


RT @Maggie_McNeill: C'mon, people, I think y'all all realize the time for euphemisms is past.

Cops don't "have sex with" unwilling women; they RAPE them.

They don't "confiscate" money & property from people; they ROB them.

And they don't just "kill" people; they MURDER them.

The most dangerous virus is spread through drinking the kool-aid.

It is what it is.

Which is good; otherwise it would be what it is not.

Some already have, but have resigned themselves to its enslavement.

Agora Station Rough

This is a rough sketch. I'm gonna put some inks on it. Perhaps it will build some interest in an open-source comic project. Writers and artist that added to this story use the hashtag

Anybody out in the fediverse interested in doing an open source comic project? Something fun and sciifi

I'm thinking artist draw, writers respond with what happens next, Or vice versa writers could write, & the artist responds. Panel by panel progressions.

both artist and writers will have to be inspirational to maintain vilocity.

Stories can be forked as desired. Some threads will die.

Be sure to use hashtags so people can follow.

I'm rewatching the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Worlds.

This is maybe my fourth time watching it and its a much better movie than I remember. There are some dumb details worthy of critique, but there are so many threads expertly woven together.

What I have always enjoyed is how they managed to maintain the flavor of the comics. I do wish I could have read them all.

Why do I needed the news to read tweets to me?

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