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I am a freedom advocate; regarding the state, I'm an abolitionist.

There is no one else on earth with a legitimate right to rule over you. Otherwise, you are legitimately their slave.

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Freedom is a state; One is either governed or free. You cannot be both.

Cooperation is important to human flourishing. Voluntary cooperation is superior to coercive cooperation.

Statists love to State until they don't get their way.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

What is a free state?
What is a militia?
Is a militia necessary to the modern State?

It seems like there's some wiggle room to work around individual rights.

@amerika Just to follow up, which good ideas require force?

Taxation is immoral. Ron Paul explains why it's wrong to steal, even for the State.

STOP using State honorifics. They are just ORDINARY people making OUTRAGEOUS claims about how they rule you.

Why don't you hold the State to the same moral standards you hold for everyone else?

It's weird how people fear that freedom would cause all the same problems they happily suffer with under the State.

Help me out. If you're racist just go ahead and block me. There appears to be a lot of you, and I just don't have the time or inclination to deal with your insanity.

"Yes gov. is the people, it's written in every constitution..."

Lots of things that aren't true are written down. Sometimes things are written down just to manipulate others into compliance.

Your right though, every major Republic has had a constitution. China, North Korea, and the former USSR all have/had Constitutions making the same claim. They even had a Bill of Rights.

I bet you recognize those were lies though. Right? But yours is different..

Voluntaryism 101

Larken Rose thought it good to make a few short videos quickly describing the foundation of voluntaryism, for all those people who are new to the ideas, and who might feel lost and confused the first time they find themselves in a discussion about them.
This first lesson is about "law enforcement.

Reminder: violence is expensive

Half the people on earth live on less than $5 a week.

Sanctions didn't just "hurt" them; it kills them.

Will the adults please stop playing the State and just stop.

That would be great.

The government is not corrupted. Only people can be corrupt and corrupt people seek to rule you through violent force if necessary.

Good people mind their own business.

All human action should be voluntary.

Trolls are simply blocked. Don't waste your time.

Here's a good video on Voluntaryism.

This second lesson is about how we would deal with threats and "bad guys" in the absence of "government."

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