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I am a freedom advocate; regarding the state, I'm an abolitionist.

There is no one else on earth with a legitimate right to rule over you. Otherwise, you are legitimately their slave.

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Freedom is a state; One is either governed or free. You cannot be both.

I'm a freedom extremist; an extreme Voluntaryist.

There's no such thing as constitutional rights. The founders of the US recognized that rights did not come from the Constitution. Instead, what we see are the rights that the constitution claims to protect.

But one is either governed or free; you cannot be both. Free people have rights. Slaves have liberties. Slaves were allowed to go into town and perhaps earn money this was called a liberty. Marines go on Liberty leave. So we see that Liberty is something given by an authority.

So someone asked me, what about the social contract? The social contract is simply a lie designed to keep you subjugated to your masters the state. It's the same lie told to slaves in the Old South. And because the slaves believed it many of them didn't run away.

If you believed in the social contract then that social contract was in force in 1776 and you need to go apologize to the British. That would mean it was wrong for the to have declared independence.

A tiktok in which I answer the question: What about the social contract?

I canceled Twitter. I may not believe what you write, but I defend to the death your right to tweet it.

I have an idea about handling the pandemic. Treat people like they are free. Trust people to make responsible decisions for themselves, their family, and community. Give them tax relief. Stop stealing the income of people.

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It's just Easter, part of 6 weeks to flatten the curve. It's just Thanksgiving, part of 7 months to suppress the virus. It's just Christmas, part of 2 years to stop all infections. It's ok! Why are you complaining?

Defending "the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic" is not obedience to them.

Just something to remind government goons of...

These are the first lines of the book Covid-19 the Great Reset. Interesting choice of words. Something that is "triggered" is set like a trap.

Are you on Scuttlebutt? Can you invite me?

Thanks in advance.

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One of the cool things about adversity is that it produces heroes. All of the doctors who have spoken out against the COVID hysteria, the people resisting the lockdowns and the sheriffs refusing to comply with tyrannical orders are engaged in acts of heroism.

The Long Shadow of the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine 'Fiasco' | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

Remember that time when the government killed more people with a vaccine than the illness?

No matter how this election shakes out, half the voters will feel cheated.


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Another Ender-3 giveaway from!

To enter, just Like/RT this post & on 11/30, I'll announce a randomly chosen winner in the thread below ⬇️

So China has confirmed Biden... So there's that.

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