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I am a freedom advocate; regarding the state, I'm an abolitionist.

There is no one else on earth with a legitimate right to rule over you. Otherwise, you are legitimately their slave.

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Freedom is a state; One is either governed or free. You cannot be both.

Libertarians must be obsessed about liberty now.

Talk to people everywhere. Pass out flyers. Print out business cards. Make a website. Start a newspaper. Rent a billboard. Make songs and movies about freedom.

You might be the last one defending freedom, but you must live with your conscience.

Every vote is for the status quo. Endless war, taxes, and every growing state power will continue...

Americans scream anyone who loves freedom is a traitor, but maybe the real traitors are the Americans who love tyranny.

No, your party isn't doing any better. This has been a failed experiment in limited government. When the power hungry meet positions of power they just seek to grow that base of power.

Power corrupts.

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"A revolt against the ideas of limited government and individual liberty in favor of a pivot towards a system of collectivist majoritarianism."

Does this author not realize that this turn has already occurred? It's the positions of the major parties and most third parties. There is no limit on government in power or scope. The US already has one of the largest governments per capita. The largest military, navy, and nuclear arsenal.

The USPS is a vestigial organization that serves up junk mail that most people just throw out. If it were a business it might have evolved or died a Blockbuster death. Instead, it will grind out a long slow miserable death, and make people miserable along the way.

Maybe the US can sell the assets to Amazon and give some new life to the old girl as Amazon drone delivery stations.

Certainly, those green deal people should oppose the usps,if they were consistent.

Votes do not matter; other than to the person voting. It's a self affirmation of lies taught by the state. Not voting demonstrates no confidence in the system. Thank you for not voting.


Last week, a man told me, "I think we (the US) should do like Israel and make young people serve the military for two years."

I told him once the state begins to coerce people to "serve" like that they're not free anymore. I had presumed he thought we were free now.

He said, We're not free now... taxes...

So I guess he was fully surrendered.

What would you do if you were free?

Ask you friends, family, and associates that question when they get frustrated with the state. Let it begin a discussion; help them see the walls of the cage.

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Caring for the needs of your neighbor does not mean you vote for the state to do it.

Don’t rob God of His glory by outsourcing that duty to the state.

Just a reminder; remove masks while bobbing for apples this season.

Stay safe.

Let me just float this idea out there. Please pass it onto some genius who can make it happen.

If you make a biometric lock, please include proof of life in the package.

Let's get past the age of cutting off fingers and plucking out eyes to open phones and doors.

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“Flatten the curve” was a bait and switch for “give up all your freedoms”

“Flatten the curve” was a bait and switch for “give up all your freedoms” Roger Ver

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