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I am a freedom advocate; regarding the state, I'm an abolitionist.

There is no one else on earth with a legitimate right to rule over you. Otherwise, you are legitimately their slave.

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Freedom is a state; One is either governed or free. You cannot be both.

Rights do not require permission.

A license is the state granting permission to a privilege.

For example: A driver's license extends the privilege of driving on its roads from the state. Because driving is a privilege not a right.

The same is true for every socalled license from the state.

If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there, in those swarming disregarded masses,... , could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated.

- 1984

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It seems to me that it determinism is true, one should do everything they wish. For if one can do it, it was determined for them to do it. Why fight against the goads? Am I right.

I'm listening to Dave Smith show Part of the Problem. On the one hand he seems to be an anarchist, but in reality he's a pragmatic statist.He's talking about all kinds of laws and how they should be changed and... That's not anarchy, That's being part of the problem.

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Things people believe that aren't true.

1. The US dollar is backed by gold.
2. The government is obligated to protect you.
3. American citizens are free.

Can you think of some more?

Free men don't ask for permission to do what's right, and you can't ask permission to be free.

So does anyone know if an impeachment trial includes discovery?

I just received this comment. How brainwashed is the public. This is a strong indicator.

I'm a freedom extremist; an extreme Voluntaryist.

There's no such thing as constitutional rights. The founders of the US recognized that rights did not come from the Constitution. Instead, what we see are the rights that the constitution claims to protect.

But one is either governed or free; you cannot be both. Free people have rights. Slaves have liberties. Slaves were allowed to go into town and perhaps earn money this was called a liberty. Marines go on Liberty leave. So we see that Liberty is something given by an authority.

So someone asked me, what about the social contract? The social contract is simply a lie designed to keep you subjugated to your masters the state. It's the same lie told to slaves in the Old South. And because the slaves believed it many of them didn't run away.

If you believed in the social contract then that social contract was in force in 1776 and you need to go apologize to the British. That would mean it was wrong for the to have declared independence.

A tiktok in which I answer the question: What about the social contract?

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