We're so screwed. Should be a ballot initiative Let the voters decide on the map

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Will state Democrats draw the new congressional district lines?

The clock is ticking for the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission to come up with a set of new proposed maps for congressional and state Senate and Assembly districts, after it failed to reach an agreement earlier this month. The...



This gentleman is running against the legendary corrupt Democrat Dianne Feinstein

Help me make sure all Patriots know his name!


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We treated a 37 y/o male patient this morning for a heart attack, 4 days post 2nd dose, he barely survived it, now in CCU. His wife actually asked if his almost fatal heart attack would delay his booster injection. Some people are just insanely stupid.

This just exposes what a convoluted disorganized mess the State has in counting and tracking cases

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Early animal trials showed that repeated dosing leads to ADE or similar condition
I hope the public can get access to all the data from the CDC, NIH, and all pharmaceutical companies soon , rather than 2100

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No, I trust the real Science
Reenforcing immunity to a version of the SI subunit protein that no longer exists in nature is causing the problem of the immune system of those vaccinated recognizing the newest version on the current variants

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And what is @KathyHochul's answer? Some small tax cuts, one-time tax rebates in an election year and more government spending. And this was applauded by business groups.

New York needs to wake up from its stupor. twitter.com/fud31/status/14841

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Study casts doubt on reliability of rapid antigen tests in kids; COVID transmission through breastmilk unlikely reut.rs/3fIfaHn

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Even when Republicans held a majority of seats in the House and the Senate, I was against ending the legislative filibuster. Most Senate democrats hold a position based solely on whether they’re in the majority or not. twitter.com/schneider_cm/statu

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@AlliBabaras @ChadPergram @BookerSparticus The States have no Rights over Elections but must make their own laws on it that Congress can then Supersede


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