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“College & University System Collapse?”

Why are less Americans going to college? Will many go out of business? What's the future?
Livestream: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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Star Trek (TOS) predicted Today's US Politics in the 60s? Sci-Fi Predicts, LIVE Sharpe Way

What did Star Trek producers know? Coincidence? I'll react to classic Star Trek episode "Day of the Dove".

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“AFS: Running from NYC Schools?” - A Free Solution on WYSL Radio

☎️Call in - 585-346-3000

Why are so many parents leaving NYC schools?
Livestream: Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.

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Freedom is not extreme. People are vilified for having opposing ideas/feelings/thoughts/etc. Freedom is never extreme; however, control certainly is.

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“Police Accountability Survey”

There’s a new survey I’d like you to take. It’s from The Advocates (my sponsors), and it’s the Police Accountability Survey. Thanks!

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Relying on the feds to limit their own power is not just bad strategy – it’s dangerous to . ensures that the people of the several states can enforce the when the feds refuse to follow it.

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Have you taken the Advocates Election Integrity Test? It’s a fast fun way to see where you stand on issues. Share your results and thoughts.

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“Failure And Success?”

•Larry Sharpe LIVE with a special “Sharpe Way”.
•He’s having a discussion with Entrepreneur Laban King.
•You can join the livestream here.
•Thank you!

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“Will The GOP Still Be A Trump Party Next Week?”

•Join me TONIGHT for “Sharpe Way Last Weekend, Today!” at 7pm ET.
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“Is Politics A New Religion?”

•TONIGHT (2/1) is “Sharpe Way: Ask Me Anything” at 7pm ET.
•Leave your questions/comments in the Facebook and YouTube chats.
•You can join the livestream here.

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“A New GOP Movement?”

•Larry Sharpe is LIVE with a special “Sharpe Way”.
•He’s having a discussion with Columnist Kenny Cody.
•You can join the livestream here.

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I just released a new song! Listen here:

Let's get a party started at Tom Woods' House!

^^ 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

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“NRA Bankruptcy, Body Armor Hypocrisy And More!”

•Did you get Friday’s (1/15) helping of “Sharpe Way Stew”?
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💛Friends, it's time to party!!🥳
The Indigogo Campaign is launching TODAY at 5 PM EST!
Tired of the Republicrats and the status quo?
✊Our movie being made is the definitive rebuttal to supporting 3rd parties being a wasted effort.

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“In the long-run, how good or bad is Biden win?”

•Larry Sharpe is LIVE with Sharpe Way: Ask Me Anything.
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Up next:
Dr. Bob Onder @BobOnderMO on the Pfizer vaccine & .

@AP4Liberty is taking calls at 573-556-5967 &texts at 573-556-6397

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Have you taken the world’s smallest political quiz? It’s a fast and fun way to see where you stand politically.
Here’s the link:

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