Trying to figure out how Fascist he can be without getting riots as in Europe or into a shooting war with citizens

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Going to suck in the Fall I can't see the Assembly not passing this

It talks about State gun violence, wrongly calling it a health issue, being from guns illegally imported from out of State So they write Bill to punish Legal Lawabiding Gun Manufacturers, Firearms Retailers, and Owners all of which have to follow ATF regs on change of custody, background checks, and reporting So don't get your weapons stolen

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MA's unconstitutional handgun roster is being challenged by @gunpolicy. Massive HT for continued assaults on awful policy. Thanks to @GOALupdate for providing me a quote. Read about the case in my @BearingArmsCom

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@NVTaraStrong @SenSchumer Time to truly honor the with National Constitutional Carry

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The President is lying about background checks. His handlers are trying to cover for him.

My follow-up question: Where did Hunter buy his gun? Was it at a gun show?

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Pensacola, FL - police bought these yesterday at a "gun buyback" event. Once he demonstrated that they worked they paid him $200 each

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Biden's Gun Control Plan Revealed via @YouTube

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GOOD NEWS: Montana's HB 102, which would expand carry rights in the State, has passed the House. It now moves to the State Senate. Go to ASAP to help get this passed!

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“NRA Bankruptcy, Body Armor Hypocrisy And More!”

•Did you get Friday’s (1/15) helping of “Sharpe Way Stew”?
•You can watch it here.

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NEW YORK: If passed, this law would go into effect sixty days later and anyone currently in possession of a body vest would be required to turn it into the police within the following fifteen days. Take action now at

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A new bill in New York would institute a confiscatory ban on body armor. Go to NOW to make your voice heard!

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"About 100 toy guns were swapped for other less provocative alternatives during the Long Island Toy Gun Exchange Program Monday morning at the village’s Brierley Park."

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is going against that @realDonaldTrump signed. This is putting our at risk!
! ! You are hurting , this doesn't effect the ! @RepBobGibbs
& @senrobportman !

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•Please join me TODAY, Friday August 28th, at 7pm ET for my weekly funny clip show: “Sharpe Way Stew”.
•This week’s guest/topic: “Are We Shooting Each Other In The Streets?”
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•Please join me for a special Sharpe Way TODAY, Wednesday August 26th, at 7pm ET.
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