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Every super hero movie I've ever seen the people trying to do a smear campaign on vigilantism are people working for super villains or Evil reporters lol. Why are people suddenly admitting they hate vigilantism with all the fervor of J. Jonah Jameson from spider man.

Them: “They would flip out if young Black men had a bunch of guns and were open about it, should be in jail!!!”


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The Moment Kyle Rittenhouse Realized He Was a Fullly Acquitted

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Let the record show that a Black man and a White man got off on the SAME charges on the SAME day. Our justice system isn’t perfect, but when it works, IT WORKS. Yet your MSM can’t tell you this because when united…


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Man takes a beating with a skateboard. I mean, he’s dead, but he took it like a man, so there’s that.

At least he didn’t shoot anyone!

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Imagine being a major pharmaceutical company and paying the news to not only publish a story you likely wrote yourself but then paying for Twitter ads to promote it.

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A.I. powered data analysis on effectiveness sponsored by the🇺🇸DoD (5.6M - 65+)
⚫️Bulk of infections occur among those fully 💉
⚫️> 60% hospitalized are breakthroughs
⚫️Natural immunity to is powerful
🔴 of the un-💉claim is FALSE

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HAPPENING NOW: The @NYCCouncil is listening to arguments on @AlickaASamuel41 's bill, which would stop fossil fuel energy in new buildings & gut renovations, while advancing environmental justice and helping fix the climate crisis. Let’s pass Intro 2317 today!

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Rumor That Biden Is ‘Considering’ Moving Harris To Supreme Court Sweeps D.C.

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Michael Flynn tonight: “If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God, and one religion under God.”

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The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has halted and now confirmed the block of a mandate they called “staggeringly overbroad”, adding it “raises serious constitutional concerns”.

AFLDS shares those concerns, and we will continue pushing back against tyranny at every turn.

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@SteveMcNY @GovKathyHochul It'll all be over when everyone has had enough shots

Massive COVID infection in deer could spread back to humans: study

A massive amount of COVID infections have been found in U.S. deer populations. Researchers are concerned that these infections could spread back to humans.

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