"‘The Late Show’ Pauses Taping New Episodes as Stephen Colbert Experiences Possible COVID-19 ‘Recurrence’" here:

Almost three weeks of very bad head cold COVID-19. interesting that he's fully vaxxed up to boot

I hope he’s up to date on his boosters, so he doesn’t get real sick and then he can dance with his needles without fear of being a super spreader

@DewsNews @NNYLiberty only a true believer would do something so cringe. i think he must have taken all of them

@NNYLiberty I’m glad the full Health Ranger vaxx apocalypse hasn’t happened yet with like millions of bodies but I do think lotsa people are Be chronically Ill and/or on this roller coaster of jabs, time off, being very sick, having strange symptoms, brain fog, etc for many years at this point.

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