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VP's explaination of inflation.


She looks relaxed and steady, like a person in control of the situation. :sadcat:

It's weird to see Harris make Biden's permanent state of confusion look reassuring in comparison.
@NNYLiberty OTOH maybe what people need isn't a guy who is too confused to care but someone who has a hint of how bad things are getting
it looks like the opening to a suicide tape from liveleak

She is swaying an awful lot. Time to play “Drunk or not drunk!”

@NNYLiberty Watch the whole speech if you can stomach it. With such a thin grasp on inflation, what type of things might she be willing to accept in order to get re-elected? Disaster.

@NNYLiberty I'm so glad you have elected such a knowing and eloquent leader ! and it's a woman ...

@NNYLiberty inflation and stupidity are connected, grab a handle because stupidity is very high at this time.

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