So with 200 million Chinese vaccinated with a home developed vaccine with a low efficacy, how is China not the worse place for COVID-19
Where are the Millions dead and over run hospitals or was that just a last Spring thing Where are their Waves and how do they only seem to have daily cased in the teens or less

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REPORT: CDC's second-in-command Anne Schuchat is stepping down.

She's on numerous emails we discovered through FOIA, showing how AFT colluded with CDC to politicize the "science" that kept schools closed and kids stuck at home.


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Have you heard that my book is coming out in July: “On Happiness: How To Unlock Windows of Opportunity”? You can check it out here. Thanks!

No Agenda didn't miss it! We hear shit so early we sound crazy for talking about it

A next-gen Army COVID vaccine you've never heard of has just begun human trials - ABC News - via @ABC

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Good to see the Cuomo Administration cares deeply for transparency

"We're working night and day for New Yorkers and I don't care one lick what the advocacy industrial complex says about that,” Azzopardi said in a statement.

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Wonder if anyone can find his reasoning for the extension as the Legislature requires

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Eleanor Adams, the New York State doctor who was asked to administer tests to Cuomo family members and helped draft the nursing home covid fatalities report, has left state government.

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BREAKING: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday against warrantless searches by police and seizures in the home in a case brought by a man whose guns officers confiscated after a domestic dispute.

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