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So here's my current understanding of what happened with @Jarvis4Gov's hostile takeover :

On June 8th, the LPNH executive committee voted to expel a member that doxed Jilletta. Jilletta abstained from the vote.


Thousands of acres of forest and farmland to be gone in a few years You know, for the
Solar Panels need to go on Buildings and Homes to power self sufficient power systems and provided distributed power production
Big power projects should be for baseline load

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A longtime visitor to the Thousand Islands has given those visits a new dimension as he reaches for the sky with a hobby he discovered five years ago.

Taking a bit to get through but how are current laws ineffective

I still think fewer Laws and Regulations are the way to go
This whole "COVERED PLATFORM DESIGNATION" is just the Government picking winners and losers, again, and targeting specific companies So, if you are a small actor in this "new level playfield" and make it big, you are now targeted by government

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Very Bad. NY GOP is undeserving of your vote. At least these two are → Serino and Martucci vote in favor of ghost guns bills – Gun Politics New York

Tune into Freedom Decrypted now and find out the story behind El Salvador Adopting Bitcoin as its official currency and what the IMF is fighting mad.

Before Biden meeting, Putin says U.S. president and Trump are "radically different"

"It is my great hope... there will not be any impulse-based movements, on behalf of the sitting U.S. president."

Putin calls Biden and Trump "radically different"

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Joe Biden seems to get lost at the G7 summit in England, Jill comes to the rescue @JoeBiden @G7 @FLOTUS @USAmbUK

Ashli Babbitt’s Family SUES in Federal Court for Records of Capitol Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Her

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@1minutetomidnit @sweetdeesez I posted that a couple hours ago on my timeline. The people with natural immunity actually had fewer reoccurrences of infection (zero) than the vaccinated group.

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