Use a Home Safe that is well secured to the structure and hidden from view or direct access

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Someone call the Treasury Dept, there has been a Bank Robbery

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At what point is a Fetus a Patient or has a right to "a duty of care"

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Texas doctor sued after admitting to violating state's new abortion law

A doctor in Texas who admitted to performing an abortion in violation of the state's new law was sued on Monday, marking the first case that will test the constitutionality of the more restrictive measure.

[email protected]: Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg now face a new scandal after newly leaked internal documents show the company has been giving special treatment to millions of powerful users.

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Did I hear that correctly 5 to 6 fold lower antibodies after 2💉

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These guys beat our military. Thanks Jobama.

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Delta variant 'will hunt down anyone who's not had jab,' UK advisers warn

World's biggest drug dealer pushing his poison. Wonder if the issues the teens had will be worse in the younger kids or new horrible issues with life changing heath issues

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COVID-19 vaccine will be available to children in the fall, Fauci said

It's likely that the Pfizer vaccine will get authorization for use in young children before the Moderna vaccine, he said.

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