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@spectru71453165@twitter.com @CP24@twitter.com It’s not 100% proven yet but I learned yesterday that once someone has the immunity from first time, they are very unlikely to catch it again. American Dr Fauci hs stated it clearly, u may wanna check his yesterday’s interview in this link. In last 3 mins


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I don’t think people understand what a depression means, what it will do to their families and their loved ones. Many have a delusion that things will magically pick up where we left off. They dont grasp that our lives are being changed profoundly right now, and not for better.

Locals in Wuhan believe 42,000 people may have died from coronavirus mol.im/a/8165717

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Governors around the country are restricting access to drugs that may cure, or slow down

People slam me when I mention this, despite the fact that thousands of docs are prescribing these meds, & Liberal icon (Cuomo) bought a ton for his state


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13 years ago, U.S. public health officials came up with a plan to buy ventilators. Money was budgeted, contracts signed. It produced 0 ventilators. The fed gov started over with another company in 2014. It has also produced 0 ventilators.

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@BBCWorld@twitter.com The Coronavirus May Be a Threat to Many, But the State’s Reaction is a Threat to All bit.ly/335XYon

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Trump says US guidelines for social distancing will be extended until 30 April and that "peak" of coronavirus deaths is expected in two weeks


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BREAKING: Six additional cases of COVID-19 in Jefferson County were confirmed today, which brings the county's total number of cases to 11. nny360.com/news/publicservicen

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Imagine what Congress would look like if they would wear the corporation names that influence (control) their votes.

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COVID-19: WHY WE SHOULD ALL WEAR MASKS  — THERE IS NEW SCIENTIFIC RATIONALE by Sui Huang link.medium.com/tGAma3cAd5 @naval@twitter.com @EricRWeinstein@twitter.com @ScottAdamsSays@twitter.com @joerogan@twitter.com @Cernovich@twitter.com

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@_Drew_McCoy_@twitter.com Didn't Cuomo just quarantine a hot spot city a couple weeks ago? New Rochelle?

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@LarrySharpe@twitter.com you might achieve your goal of repealing the SAFE act! twitter.com/_Drew_McCoy_/statu

"Weimar Republic" is trending, really
Do you not know how that ended

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The U.S. experience during World War I offers a cautionary tale about how government restrictions passed in the heat of a national emergency can linger around long afterward.


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