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Great leadership @CharlieBakerMA. "Students and staff individually identified as asymptomatic close contacts & repeatedly tested in school (Test & Stay) tested negative >90% of time (496,440/503,312 tests)". Supports @PolicyLabCHOP recent recs for schools

Most systems are uniquely configured—and thus identifiable—even if you are using privacy-protective software. Learn more at Cover Your Tracks: coveryourtracks.eff.org/

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Dozens of Truckers left Delta B.C. early this morning to join the Canadian wide convoy to parliament. They plan to stay there until ALL COVID-19 mandates are lifted. Follow along at ConvoyReports.com

If only Government would hire good CTOs and listen to them or the CTOs make sure good policies are in place for testing and review before going live on a project

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Blame the Nerds: MO Good Deed Goes Unpunished, for now youtu.be/KnzReZlnbXA via @YouTube

Get ready to be Double or Triple TAXED, especially if you are a content creator
IRS is going to snoop into all the financial avenues for no good reason Shame they can't do proper accounting

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Level1 News January 11 2022:

one-tab.com/page/AYX4-ixVR72ju - Intro0:53 - Venmo, PayPal and Cash App to report payments of $600 or more to IRS this year2:53 - FT...


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Hello America, you are paying for NYPD to enforce a vax passport, as many hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars are received by NYC.

Are you OK with your money being spent on this? twitter.com/goodblackdude/stat

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By firing staff with natural immunity after Covid recovery, hospitals got rid of those least likely to infect others.

We're so screwed. Should be a ballot initiative Let the voters decide on the map

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Will state Democrats draw the new congressional district lines?

The clock is ticking for the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission to come up with a set of new proposed maps for congressional and state Senate and Assembly districts, after it failed to reach an agreement earlier this month. The...



This gentleman is running against the legendary corrupt Democrat Dianne Feinstein

Help me make sure all Patriots know his name!


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We treated a 37 y/o male patient this morning for a heart attack, 4 days post 2nd dose, he barely survived it, now in CCU. His wife actually asked if his almost fatal heart attack would delay his booster injection. Some people are just insanely stupid.

This just exposes what a convoluted disorganized mess the State has in counting and tracking cases

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