LIBERTY MOM BRAG: My 7 year old walked in on me watching something about Vietnam this morning. I paused it & we started talking about the draft. To which she replied "THAT'S KIDNAPPING". So we move on to unjust laws that were made to enslave anyone who protested the war. To which she replied "BUT WE ARE ALLOWED TO PROTEST WHAT'S WRONG ". So then we move on to people saying America is the best country in the world &she replied "THAT'S JUST MEAN TO OTHER COUNTRIES ".

When collectivism rears its ugly head:

A friend of a friend just told me...
It was dangerous that my white privilege affords me the opportunity to stick to my virtues by voting 3rd party when so many lives are at stake.

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As long as politics is about fighting over the reigns of power over each other it will be dominated by polarization and fear. When it becomes about making the case to each other to voluntarily collaborate we’ll have achieved libertarianism filled with hope.

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A Libertarian wants you to make more choices in your life not because you’ll always make the right ones, but because when you don’t you will learn and make better choices. If everyone makes better choices, we all grow together.

My .. Wife, mother, little l since 95, big mouth, uhh, I mean heart. Excited to be here, hope it turns out fun. Cheers y'all.


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