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@patrissimo 😂 That sounds like a perfect description of a typical day for me!

At 7:45 am today at a grocery store that opened at 8 for seniors only. A young man came from the parking lot and tried to cut in at the front of the line, but an old lady beat him back into the parking lot with her cane. He returned and tried to cut in again but an old man punched him in the gut, then kicked him to the ground and rolled him away. As he approached the line for the 3rd time he said, "If you don't let me unlock the door, you'll never get in there."

@annaluna Just remember, messages here are not end-to-end encrypted.

It shouldn't matter what people think. Adults own their bodies and should be able to engage in consensual sex for money.

Impeachment by the house is like a grand jury deciding to press charges. It's roughly equivalent to indictment. The Senate is the jury; they'll decide guilty vs. not guilty. A not guilty verdict may be considered "jury nullification" if it's delivered despite overwhelming evidence of the defendant having committed the crime. The jury may also find not guilty if they deem the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

@hntooter Tough luck, Barr! If WhatsApp gives you a back door, everyone will just use something else!

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