Just found out that even though I'm no longer breaking the law by visiting friends in Massachusetts without quarantining, I'm still breaking it by riding my bicycle in MA without wearing a mask. We're all criminals, one way or another. mass.gov/news/mask-up-ma

@politicsofdiscretion There isn't any rule. It was never more than a political talking point. Trump nominating a replacement, and the Senate voting to confirm is all there is to it.

When a gang of thugs becomes so popular that more than 50% of the population join them, they are no longer called a gang. They are now a democracy.

A Criminal offered to a tesla
employee $500k to install ransomware their company network - but the employee went to the FBI.

And the criminal(s) got caught.

Amazing story:


So many support the idea that crimes against law enforcement officers should carry heavier penalties than the same crimes against the general public. However, another way to look at this is that crimes against the general public will be treated more leniently. That sounds very wrong.

No one sees the breasts of the lady above, and no one knows whose boobs they saw for the lady below. Same result.

@politicsofdiscretion I have no problem with executive actions that help eliminate unconstitutional laws and regulations.

Change.org has a petition to let Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate, to participate in the presidential debates. If you'd like a third voice to be present in the debates, please sign the petition. change.org/p/cnn-let-jo-jorgen

Sign the petition, it would be good to have her included in the presidential debate. chng.it/2cNNYGyTZS

@yui I hadn't heard about ricochet before, so I looked it up and it sounds like it is more of a social media site, rather than a messaging app.

Not too long ago, The @courierjournal confirmed that @randpaul is filing legislation to ban no-knock warrants across America. Word travels fast, as these protesters will show you. They've gathered ahead of Metro Council's vote on Breonna's Law. Sarah Ladd: @randpaul getting some love tonight twitter.com/TessaDuvall/status #RandPaul #Congress #America #Protesters

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