@MinorityOfOne Both carry significant risks, and it isn't necessary to choose between weapon prohibition and a heavily armed staff. They're both unrealistic over-reactions.

@gmcgath Just like the first sign doesn't eliminate all weapons, the second sign wouldn't represent the exact state of affairs at a school. All the proposals I've seen for arming staff have been on a voluntary basis and for handguns, unlike the implied message that all staff are armed, or that any are "heavily" armed.

@MinorityOfOne Neither. What will prevent another tragedy is to eliminate the factors that cause school shooters (other than guns I mean) by radically restructuring our society in a way that makes it impossible for people to think that acts of terrorism is the only way for them to make their mark on the world.

Any suggestions?

@thejovian I don't have a solution to the basic problem, and I haven't heard anyone else with a possible solution that doesn't worsen the problem. My posting wasn't about prevention, it was more about containment and minimization of casualties.

@MinorityOfOne How can you be sure giving every teacher a gun would do anything? There are so many factors to consider like the following:
- Where does the school shooting begin?
- Are there any teachers nearby?
- Do they always have their guns on hand or are they locked in an armory unless they're needed?
- Is their aim even going to be good enough to shoot the shooter?
- Don't more shooters run the risk of increased casualties? Not the other way around?
- And more (500 character limit sucks).

- What if the police shows up and accidentally shoots the good guy (teacher in this case) with a gun like they're known to do on occasion.
- What if the teacher accidentally shoots a random student because they got jumpy because they're teachers and not cops or soldiers? For [email protected]'s sake even cops will shoot unarmed people if they're running at them.

Arming teachers is a waste of time and resources. We should be developing means to prevent shootings not react to them after.

@thejovian We should be doing both. It isn't an either/or. Trained conceal carry shooters will know and anticipate what to do before police arrive.

@MinorityOfOne And we haven't even addressed the fact that school shooters don't give a sh!t, that's why they're shooting up their school. Because they already think their lives are over, that they'll never amount to anything, that they're total failures, that everyone hates them and that the only way to be remembered is to try appear in the school shooter hall of fame. Do you honestly think they'll give a sh!t if the teachers are armed with a rolled up newspaper or an M16?

@thejovian If teachers are armed, the shooter would be stopped sooner.

@thejovian No one said all teachers would be armed. And no one said to arm teachers *instead* of prevention. Do both. And suppose the police arrive and shoot the "good guy"; it would still likely be fewer casualties than that if the school was a gun free zone.

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