George F. Will: Author of "The Conservative Sensibility". He makes a lot of sense.

I don't oppose expanding access to affordable healthcare

I don't oppose quality education for children

I don't oppose making college more affordable

I don't oppose protecting the environment

I simply believe that gov't is the worst institution to accomplish these goals

If one chooses to vote for someone because the latest poll indicated they have a chance, they have already been manipulated by the media.

I have no use for a "crypto currency" controlled by a company, any more than a fiat currency.

He can go ahead and ban "silencers", but please remove restrictions on suppressors; it's easier for me to provide training if students can actually hear me, and aren't startled by the shots being fired in adjacent lanes.

Really is anyone surprised? The Saudi goonerment goonsquad is about the worst in the world. Perhaps N. Korea might out evil them but it's a close contest. WHY are we allies again?? (Or right - oil)...

Libertarians: Abortion is a matter for individual conscience, not public decree

We’re a small nonprofit that develops free and open source software used by millions, and our community of contributors and users would greatly benefit from improved documentation on Tor.

Through Season of Docs 2019, we're looking for technical writers to help us:

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