China is to Switzerland as
Facebook is to MeWe.

Your freedom is a price authoritarians are gladly willing to pay

Liberty and freedom has never been this expensive.

Facts can't be determined by conducting a poll.

Things to not buy: Amazon Astro, an autonomous, Internet-connected, roving surveillance robot.

"...if a 3rd party gained access to that robot, what would it see, what would it hear, & what could be done w/that info?" - @mguariglia in @jmorse_'s report.

Original tweet :

Freedom means having the ability to make poor choices.

Censorship is one of the features of outright tyranny. That nearly half of Americans want to cross the censorship Rubicon should scare the hell out of any thinking person.

You want strong passwords? Use some foreign language characters in them.

Writers need to avoid statistical fallacies and recognize them when committed by others. My new blog post links to several good articles on the subject.

More reasons to think that the ACLU no longer really cares about free speech:

One thing I don't understand is that if a prominent or famous figure gets banned from Twitter, why don't they simply come here and let their followers know?🤔

If you have an Apple phone or tablet, you might want to get rid of it. They're now going to scan your device for illicit material. They *say* it's to detect child pornography, but you can guess how long it'll be limited to that. And never mind the possibilities for swatting.....

Just found out that even though I'm no longer breaking the law by visiting friends in Massachusetts without quarantining, I'm still breaking it by riding my bicycle in MA without wearing a mask. We're all criminals, one way or another.

When a gang of thugs becomes so popular that more than 50% of the population join them, they are no longer called a gang. They are now a democracy.

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