Another retailer asking that customers not open carry while shopping in their stores. It seems to me that if someone is legally open-carrying, arriving to the private parking lot of one of these retailers, they have given implicit permission for those open carriers to now carry concealed within the confines of their private parking lot and within their place of business.

If you've got some spare bandwidth, consider running a Tor relay. This is a good way to help provide human rights to those in countries whose internet access is censored.

After an absence of a couple years, finally have my Tor relay back online.

I know what an assault rifle is.
I know what a semiautomatic firearm is.
I know what a magazine is.
I know what a revolver is.
But, I'm still not clear on what an assault weapon is. If I look up the term in a dictionary, it seems to be a legal term whose definition is defined by law. So it can literally mean anything. So if one wants to engage me in a discussion about banning assault weapons, don't be surprised if I ask you for your definition first.

George F. Will: Author of "The Conservative Sensibility". He makes a lot of sense.

I don't oppose expanding access to affordable healthcare

I don't oppose quality education for children

I don't oppose making college more affordable

I don't oppose protecting the environment

I simply believe that gov't is the worst institution to accomplish these goals

If one chooses to vote for someone because the latest poll indicated they have a chance, they have already been manipulated by the media.

I have no use for a "crypto currency" controlled by a company, any more than a fiat currency.

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