No one sees the breasts of the lady above, and no one knows whose boobs they saw for the lady below. Same result. has a petition to let Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate, to participate in the presidential debates. If you'd like a third voice to be present in the debates, please sign the petition.

Sign the petition, it would be good to have her included in the presidential debate.

Not too long ago, The @courierjournal confirmed that @randpaul is filing legislation to ban no-knock warrants across America. Word travels fast, as these protesters will show you. They've gathered ahead of Metro Council's vote on Breonna's Law. Sarah Ladd: @randpaul getting some love tonight #RandPaul #Congress #America #Protesters

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The definition of "mob rule" is "Government by violent gangs, or by the masses."
It should be noted that once the size of the mob reaches 50% of the population, it's then called a "democracy".

I thought iPhones were supposed to be easy to use. Why won't Apple let users change their default messaging app to an obviously superior one?

Lives that will be lost to the government-mandated economic shutdown need to be acknowledged by Governor Beshear and other politicians still insisting on a lockdown.

Cancer screenings dramatically declined due to COVID-19 - Washington Times …
#RandPaul #Congress #Washington

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Unfortunately, this decision was reversed within a day. California seems to be a lost cause.

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Freedom is more important than safety. In determining your activities and possible use of protective equipment, use your informed and well-thought out judgement.

Given the disaster of choices made by both Democrats and Republicans, Justin Amash deserves consideration.

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