It's #pandemic of #idiocy!

What the great time for your president to take 13% of money from everyone who have $12,706+ on their deposits. Then his spokesman will call it justice forever(!), but no more than 1% of such people around the country. Progress is, they knows that 99% lives with less then $12k 😱

Of course, if the president says that people with an income of $216 is the middle-class, then all right - people with $12k are super reach (no). 🤣


#Digital "Economy" is so digital. They kind of tell us: come and buy this cheap Chinese digital stuff from us for extra expansive #price to pay us more #taxes, #duty and #fines.

I pay my bank $10/per year and have #USB #key for free. The #government has 13-30% from taxes and duty and wants another $30 for the same!🤬

#russia #fuckem

Once, your humble servant bought the Nik Collection license. Later, #Google acquired Nik Collection, made it #free (as free beer). Then Google sold the Nik Collection to #DxO, they stopped distributing old versions, and started releasing new paid versions. Now, the only place, where I can download my legal copy, is #pirate #torrent-trackers.
A great argument for #Internet #piracy, isn't it.😤

Many don’t have to worry about giving Uncle Sam part of their hard-earned cash for their this year.

An estimated 45.3% of American households — roughly 77.5 million — will pay no federal individual income tax, according to data for the 2015 tax year from the Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington-based research group.

Just think about it! They're changing the interpretation of holy texts right before our eyes, in the age of the Internet. Think, how many times they rewrote texts to please themselves in antiquity!

#religion #Catholicism #pope

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Well, for now, #God don't let you into temptation, and peace not only for people of good will, but for beloved children, and of course, God loves everyone. Alright, will be wait politically correct #Bible soon;)

"The Lord’s Prayer will change from “and lead us not into temptation” to “do not let us fall into temptation.”

The #Gloria will change from “Peace on earth to people of good will” to “Peace on Earth to people beloved by God.”"

#religion #Catholicism #pope

The governments tries to point me what I can buy or not (because not a "qualified investor"). Great! Instead of it they will get black market, currency speculators and much more crime than they are declaring to stop.

Because crime in crime state is government's work too!

@M_O_Z_G Stupid bastards from #RosKomNadzor even doesn't realize how #fediverse works. The blocking #Pawoo doesn't make content unavailable, because it will be shown from any other instance.

The day has come, #Pawoo down in #Russia. Due... #loli #porn of course, and because they can't block separate addresses via HTTPS. Someone in the supervisory authority was pretty excited when saw these pics, probably🙂 Assholes.

And the heroes of this Monday are:
@fushichiyo and @kogakunamaitohiro

should make public groups available with not client and authorisation. Time to stop this madness with: "...more in our Telegram channel". They uses naive users to take higher price for advertisement, but most of them login just to read something.
And of course, it's madness when people pay for sharing link to groups in other groups. It's most weird monetization among all social platforms. People sould see content and then make a decision, pay for it or not.

Then EU and NATO will be forced to join this conflict. Russia will be defeated and separated, and instead one weird country we will get multiple unpredictable states.

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For instance, Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia prepares new bill to ban foreign Internet services with part of market >35%. It's almost everything. The problem is Russian individuals and small business uses these services too. If they will ban them, it may lead to civil war in Russia.
US and others, who need more open markets in crisis situation, will act against such politics.
To save authority, Russian government may start the war against Baltic countries.

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Look, in the next few years Chinese economy will slow down, it's critical for Chinese government but not only. When production rate grew there, other countries sold resources to China and got cheap production. But today the market is overloaded, China reduce production and resource consumption. Therefore, will lost cheap production soon and our income from resources.
On other hand, outsiders like Russia, Iran, etc. are trying to protect local markets.


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