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"WhatsApp was hacked and attackers installed spyware on people’s phones"

you don't need to hack whatsapp to install spyware, users already installed the spyware themselves voluntarily.
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PSA: Stop labelling people interested in OPSEC and privacy as "paranoid". Paranoia is a mental illness, heavily influenced by fear, that makes someone believe they're under constant threat even when there is no evidence for thinking so.

Being careful about your online identity, privacy, taking care of your passwords, and using second factor authentication is not paranoia. It's common sense.

There are malicious actors who want to get their hands on as much information as possible. This is fact.

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We have another special offer for you.

For one week only, the Tor sticker pack, including multiple reusable camera covers and our favorite logos, can be yours for a $17 donation.

Just write in $17 into the "other" box on the donate page, and you're set.

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It's great that San Francisco will ban police facial recognition. But only police? Should also be of corporations.

#surveillancecapitalism #facialrecognition

Visited a temple in China. See this notice board: “Core Socialist values” So ! 😂 Do you believe China state, a dictator, would promote ?

Recently I spent so much time on rebuilding my environment. Kinda feeling bored and time-wasting. :-P (what to do now)

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is #tor affected by the addon problem too? if yes be careful, otherwise jacascript and all will run.


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Unofficial selection of public Matrix servers

This list provides a selection of public Matrix homeservers which you can register on to join the Matrix universe. This is not a comprehensive list of homeservers but instead a highly subjective list of hand-picked homeservers that might be a good fit for newcomers to Matrix. There are thus also no clear criteria for inclusion on this list, although we prioritize stable, general-purpose servers run by organisations with ....

I found when I accidentally let Wechat go through my ss proxy, there are lots of failed connections trying to go through it, as well as some invalid targets requested.

My 3-year-old daughter loves . She invoke it every time when playing my handset. :joy:


I used to run on my . However I failed to run on it so i think I should change to a GNU/Linux on ARM. 😂

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