How many died in the bathtub ???

I guess you could also ask how many were killed by cops whilst in the bathtub

There was a dude called himself Libertarian Cop on G+ back in the day. He was on some serious meds to deal with the day to day cognitive dissonance. He would have been so much happier out here in Aus where cops are “public servants” and >>most<< treat their position that way. I’ve seen them play Nanny for obnoxious drunks and they are so patient

@Liberty4Masses scariest thing a cop ever did to us was hand us a bag or grass he grabbed off a local. “Hey, you’re the band that played tonight. You boys like to smoke ? You’re heading out of town, have this, I don’t want to do the paperwork and I don’t want to see it go to waste”

Man that was some wicked shit he gave us.

@Liberty4Masses it was, but we were wondering if it was a setup. Country cop. Smallish country town. But it wasn’t. Just a decent bloke who didn’t want to do his mandated job for the state.

Someone who used his “common sense” a trait that is being bred out of the population.

@Liberty4Masses it is a culture thing. Arsehole cops tend to be pushed into where they can do the least damage.

I remember walking past a couple who were having a “discussion” with a flakey looking bloke. I said “you blokes aren’t going to book him for riding without a helmet are you ?” The young cop said “Nah, it’s a bit more serious. You wouldn’t want him breaking into your house now would you ?” I looked at the alleged felon in the eye and said >>>

@Liberty4Masses >>>

“well if I did catch him there, I wouldn’t be calling you blokes, I’d have to call an ambulance first”

Should have seen the junkie’s face. It was cruel. But necessary :-)

Then we can get into the whole “well if it wasn’t illegal, we wouldn’t have the crime”...but I didn’t go that route.

I should just wear a shirt that says Make Taxation Theft Again

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