@Liberty4Masses Luckily i already saw the show. But please use a CW to be respectful of those who have not.

@freemo I haven’t even seen the episode yet. Didn’t really think this was spoiling anything though. Sorry dude.

@Liberty4Masses No worries, I saw it so nothing spoiled. Just trying t look out for others.

@freemo @Liberty4Masses I"ve only seen one episode (S1E1). I can't see how this would spoil anything.


@cigarBGuitarEfx @freemo I kinda thought everyone knew she had a dragon so I didn’t think it could spoil anything but I guess maybe if you really study what’s happening in the meme you could maybe figure out spoilers 🤷‍♂️ it’s all good

@Liberty4Masses @freemo @cigarBGuitarEfx I feel like anything up to season 7 is open game for spoilering and in 3-6 months this season is open game, those are the rules for spoilering, after a certain amount of time, its open game and your problem if you havent seen it yet
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