@Liberty4Masses Most of the #QAnon folks believe his "arrest" is purely political theater.

I suppose it will be clearer when JA is either jailed or pardoned. Both are still possible, but of a lot of high level elites want him dead. "Behind bars" is the safest place for him for a while yet.

@kaavik_b most of the Q folks are fantasy role play idiots who would think being loaded up in cattle cars was Trump MAGA 4D chess. There’s no secret plan at play here. The safest place for him right now is where he was. Come on dude, get a grip.

@Liberty4Masses Many Q followers are Trump-sycophants, this is true. But to say there is no secret plan is akin to sticking your head in the sand; everyone has an agenda, everyone acts in secret; it's how we do things.

But what #QAanon himself says, makes sense, and rings true. Two things, then: do you own research, and think for yourself.

It seems to me Q's implication is right: the civil was has already begun, and it's between the CIA, and the NSA.

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