@Liberty4Masses I work in sensor network research and have spoken to a lot of scientists about satellite (RSS) data and have been churning through some of the major climate papers. Frankly, there are so many bigger problems: cellphone based e-Waste, toxic piles of sludge in Chinese factory cities, the plastic waste in the ocean ... consumption needs to be reduced in general .. that will reduce CO2 as a side-effect, but focusing on CO2 is a dumb goal in comparison to major environmental problems

@Liberty4Masses Nothing new under the sun. I've seen articles from at least the 70s where we only had 10 years left or else... and nothing happened then either and nothing will happen now. Acid rain, ozone holes, over population etc. have been pending catastrophes since forever, and nothing happened. The current fad is just a power grab from the UN and socialists, to scare people into appointing a green dictator.

@h4890 @Liberty4Masses I'm still a bit surprise by how long this joke has been on, and by how many educated people I see today that are utterly uncritical of it

@Sosthene @Liberty4Masses Yes, I wonder what is needed to finally put this issue to rest. A new world war or perhaps a severe recession? Then people will have something real to worry about and maybe the climate maffia will finally be forgotten and ignored.

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