The people don't know their true power. If enough of us stop voting and paying taxes and using their fiat currency and fighting in their pointless wars, their whole system will fall.

@Libertux what would replace fiat? Gold? Silver? Uranium?

@bigl0af @Libertux But we haven't had enough in reserves to cover our currency for a long time.

@jordan31 Gold, silver, copper, bitcoin, monero, and dozens of other cryptos.

@Libertux Seems tricky trying to manage all that to back our one currency.

@jordan31 Not to back our currency. just completely switch away from fiat currency.
Each person needs to do it voluntarily. Fiat currency is a debt based system, it's done in my opinion.

@Libertux switching to a complete digital currency and having a maximum cap, for all of the nation seems like a scary thing.

@jordan31 A maximum cap as opposed to inflation?
Trust me, the debt based inflation system is far more scary.

@jordan31 And none of this should be enforced. It all needs to be done voluntarily, each person choosing whether they want to switch to a decentralized currency or stay in the debt based system.

@Libertux But if there is a cap, who would hold the most currency? Would they control the most power as well?

@jordan31 The person who made the most money would hold the most currency obviously.
And they person who had the most influence would have the most power. Not everyone can be bought you know. Richard Stallman is living proof of that.

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