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I've been at it for over a week now uploading art on Pixelfed every day.

I'm still just a beginner, and I know there's so much more I could learn and do.
GIFs animation, commissions, popular requests, internet poles.

And I want to go through this journey of world building and writing my books and creating art with you guys.

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Follow me on Pixelfed
I post every day on there.

Everything I do is free public domain creative commons art you can use with no strings attached.

Please make a Monero donation so I can continue making free art for you guys:


Thank you!

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Do you talk to your #kids about maintaining their #privacy?

Please comment with other answers.

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This Is How You Can Save The Amazon RAIN FOREST

Jeff shares his thoughts on the rain forest fire business.

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Happy people don’t act out in violence and destruction. Happiness requires 3 things:
•feeling respected
•feeling loved
•having purpose.
I speak on this in these 2 links:

Fiat currency is proof that anything can be money if enough enforcement, propaganda and artificial trust is applied.

Any feedback, guidance or advice you all can give me will be awesome.
All of you are welcome to give feedback and chat me up if you want to talk.

I feel like I need to branch out instead of only posting art on Pixelfed.

I'll be getting on other platforms and starting another Mastodon handle specifically for my art.

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