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Suggestion: Drop hints on social media that you are "helping," or know of, suppliers of fake COVID tests and vax passports. Make it seem like they are everywhere and people will lose faith in their validity. They will abandon them soon after that.

mainstream news: distrust in research is because of all these dangerous misinformationists who won’t just obey unquestioned

research community: :blobcatgoogly: haha we’re bad at our jobs actually


What's the best airport to fly into near Lancaster NH for ??

I'm looking for a decent size airport

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH: Covid recovered patients have no significant risk of recurrence, none. Their T-cell immunity is greater than vaccine-induced immunity.

I've decided to set up a deals page for when I spot something good. We're working on a vendor directory for the community too.

Heyyy i got hoodies.

Save 5% in the shop with 'LiveFreeOrDie'

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Just like in the joke. All this woke bullshit is literally a CIA plot to make you hate your powerless neighbors instead of the U.S. federal government, aka the lawless, blood-soaked world empire and its bureaucrats and cronies. #knowyourenemy

CIA: Former #CIA External Advisory Board Member Vernon Jordan left his mark on the Agency with his leadership of our Diversity in Leadership Study, which laid the groundwork for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives that continue to..

Kuo: Apple plans to release a mixed reality headset in mid-2022 for around $1K, followed by AR glasses by 2025, and "contact lens type" devices by 2030-2040 (Joe Rossignol/MacRumors) - Joe Rossignol / MacRumors:Kuo: Apple plans to release a mixed reality headset in mid-2022 for ar... -

Your Smartphone Doesn't Have To Be Glued Shut!

The #librem5 was recently featured in a hardware tear-down video by @iFixit

#privacy #freedom

Apple vs Android keeps coming up on the show so I thought everyone would enjoy this guy's videos about privacy, messaging, and de-Googled Android phones. He's really thought through things to an extreme level.

@FTL_Ian @Nobody @medge

Can someone direct me to good natural disaster relief organizations in Texas?

Maybe @DonorSee? Anyone else?

(Please RT)

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This was probably the most inspiring conversation about the LP that I've ever heard. Good points made by all. Big thanks to @ComicDaveSmith @BigMikeDaTerror and @carynannharlos.

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus: On "The Takeover" #Cary #Libertarian

Sponsored-By NEW News Site:

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5000 of Rothbard's books moved to make way for big renovations at the Mises Institute. New carpet throughout, new shelves, new furniture, new roof, and and new landscaping.

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