Diamond Chess, the Berlin variant is almost like "normal" Chess, but the board is turned by 45° (white squares at the players side). The pieces are placed in the opposing corners, like shown in the illustration.
Players can't just reel off their trained openings, engines are useless.
The positioning of the board gives space for drinks and ashtray left and right of the players corner - very handy sitting at smaller bar-tables.

Start today. Visit the guide on my site. Head to the gatalog. Download, print, enjoy.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said on Thursday people who have not taken COVID-19 shots will be arrested if they disobeyed stay-at-home orders as infections hit a three-month high. Duterte in an televised address to the nation said he was asking community leaders to look for unvaccinated people and make sure they were confined to their homes.

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Google is a State-sponsored enterprise which can only have 98% market dominance due to Govt-granted patent-monopoly privileges (over 70,000)

Patents (& all IP) are anti-market, and anti-capitalist, as they are a violation of private property rights; IP protects artificial incumbents (probably started by the CIA's InQtel in this case) from new market entrants putting their capital in competition with them, and violate consumers' rights to association & choice

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Before Govt granted the AMA a licensing cartel in 1905, poor illiterate Southern black refugees (& Euro immigrants) had ~98% health insurance coverage

1 day's wages paid a year of 'lodge medicine' coverage, hospital stays & minor surgery

America's lassiez faire economics created affordable, high-quality retail healthcare for the masses for the first time in human history, & actuarial science

The AMA was a Govt-created cartel to destroy lodge medicine

If money is worthless, and citizens use barter, physical metals, cryptocurrency, and promissory notes to conduct transactions, and no longer use central bank currency, simply because it has been hyperinflated, the regime power disappears, because all control comes from the powerful river of central bank currency.

Jesse Kelly on Twitter: "I don’t care what the Supreme Court says about COVID mandates because I’m a free American who understands any government institution trying to force me to take something I don’t want is an illegitimate institution. And my enemy." / Twitter

Trump will launch his new social media platform TRUTH on February 21, Presidents Day, after being valued at $5.3 billion
~ App Store listing shows Donald Trump's social media app will launch on Feb 21
~ His company's share price rose on the news, valuing it at $5.3 billion
~ Trump has harbored plans since being banned by Facebook and Twitter last year
~ The app is the first phase of a media venture which will include a video platform

Anarchist News: **Interview w/ an Anarchist On the Mapuche Struggle**

"from It's Going Down Full title: Interview with an Anonymous Anarchist On the Mapuche Struggle Against the Occupying Chilean and Argentinian States In October 2021 the Chilean state declared a state of emergency and a formal siege against the native Mapuche people. This sudden escala…"


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Anti-vax mandate protest in São Paulo Brazil
Christchurch New Zealand
Melbourne Australia
Costa Rica

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