Another one of my Twitter accounts was nuked lmfao

I wish there were Mastodon & Twitter bots that automatically notify people when someone is suspended, permanently suspended, told to take tweets down, etc

Imagine thinking "Anonymous" wasn't a front for the NSA and CIA and they just brute-forced their way into the Russian Ministry of Defense's networks like its the movie Hackers. Imagine being that retarded.

One thing could easily do better than is allow categorization of feeds

If I only want to look at a feed of accounts I classify as finance, Russia, crypto & gold, cats, porn, or whatever, that should be easy

It's a personalization & curation solution to a problem that would normally be approached at by devs with a needlessly complicated algorithm solution

@SirBemrose i wont hire anyone with a degree. Theyre liabilities more than assets. Ur more likely to sue me over pronouns than u are to show up on time every day



'Proletariat' & 'bourgeoisie' are leftist cult language

'Classification' is just a normal thing people do, every day

Also, Malice intentionally uses leftist framing to satirize leftists

Maybe work on that sense of humor

There are probably books on it

BOMBSHELL: Quebec implemented its 2nd curfew knowing it had zero scientific basis, and did it against ethical advice AND against a strongly-worded email from Montreal Public Health, which listed many serious reasons not to have another curfew. QC public health director resigned

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