Signal has recently reported that their service has been blocked in Iran. This block is a direct attack on the secure communication of activists.

In solidarity with the team at Signal we would like to amplify their call for volunteers to help run proxy servers to ensure that protesters have the ability to send and receive secure encrypted messages.

If you are willing to help, Signal has provided step-by-step instructions on their blog here:

@freedompatriot some of these aren't necessarily true however a very important one was missed: cashless money can have embedded expiration dates! that means asset values will SKYROCKET as no one would want your crappy cbdcs that expire in a few months and become worthless. "you will own nothing and you will be happy [about it or else off to the gulag]"

JUST IN - Sweden's coast guard discovered four gas leaks at Nord Stream pipelines, according to local media.

Another one of my Twitter accounts was nuked lmfao

I wish there were Mastodon & Twitter bots that automatically notify people when someone is suspended, permanently suspended, told to take tweets down, etc

Imagine thinking "Anonymous" wasn't a front for the NSA and CIA and they just brute-forced their way into the Russian Ministry of Defense's networks like its the movie Hackers. Imagine being that retarded.

One thing could easily do better than is allow categorization of feeds

If I only want to look at a feed of accounts I classify as finance, Russia, crypto & gold, cats, porn, or whatever, that should be easy

It's a personalization & curation solution to a problem that would normally be approached at by devs with a needlessly complicated algorithm solution

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