Turns out, it's easier to just maintain one Mastodon account as cross-posting with IFTTT is kinda buggy. So, please follow our new account here, as I'll be migrating this accounts followers to the new account: social.freetalklive.com/@LRN

<p>Have you contributed to the LRN.FM satellite fundraiser at fund.lrn.fm?</p>

See this on our main Mastodon:social.freetalklive.com/@LRN/1

<p>For now, LRN.FM will just have network-related posts. We&apos;d had forwarded hosts&apos; posts but I think it was too repetitive. Please follow our great hosts individually.</p><br>
See this on our main Mastodon: social.freetalklive.com/@LRN/1

<p>Free Talk Live is moving networks from Genesis Communications Network to Talk Media Network starting next week. However that only affects radio stations. LRN.FM continues to be where <span class="h-card"><a href="social.freetalklive.com/@ftl" class="u-url mention">@<span>ftl</span></a></span> originates.</p><br>
See this on our main Mastodon: social.freetalklive.com/@LRN/1

Pro-Liberty Mastodon instances: Liberdon.com and social.freetalklive.com

Here's our African satellite coverage map for SES-5 - see the photo on our Telegram: t.me/LRN_FM/59

Did you know LRN.FM has satellite channels covering most of two continents?


From @freetalklive: I'll be delighted when we can call cell411 decentralized.

From @freetalklive: We've got a pretty big announcement coming up tonight, hopefully. Testing it now.

From @freetalklive: Over $22 million raised to fund struggling small businesses with active payroll. Donate or apply here

From @freetalklive: This does not bode well for internet freedom - Firefox is now taking a pro-government side:


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