If Covid has taught us anything about Education & the state of the current Public School system, its that its broken.


I love this movement, seeing everyone rally behind the idea of the Free Market & so outright reject the cronyism that's infected it for decades is beautiful


We need to start asking for MeWe, Minds, & (if they ever return from the nether:) Parler, to start uploading their apps to F-Droid & APKPure Stores so they can upload their apps without the feature restrictions & having the worry of having their apps taken down/offline by the Play Store or Apple Store. The lack of being able to comment on Minds or Search on MeWe in store downloads sucks ass.....(to put it bluntly)

Regardless of who wins this election, we all loose, so share those dank memes, get in shape, buy a 3D Printer, support 80% & Kit firearm companies, switch to Bitcoin, Bullets, & Bullion, start a Garden, and yes, buy ammunition, lotsss and lotsss AND lotsss of ammunition


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