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אמש החליט ראש העיר בני ברק להעביר במועצת העיר סכום של 75 מיליון שקלים מכספי התושבים ליעדים תמוהים כמו "שוחטי בקר", "כיבודים ומתנות" ו"סל גמיש".
למעשה, אתמול נגזלו מכל משפחה בבני ברק כ-1,600 ש"ח!
אמרתי אמש בישיבת המועצה שלא יעלה על הדעת שלוקחים ממשפחות מצוקה את הכסף ללחם וחלב >>>

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US Military Apologizes For Posting Uncomfortably Honest Tweet

"Inflicting death and destruction using unfathomably expensive machinery is the US military’s whole job. Of course it reflects their values."

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The Libs: “oh hi Bill Kristol and George Bush. We forgive you for starting the Iraq war and getting fuck tons of people killed because you hate trump and that’s chill.”

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To Ben Shapiro:, For your Soho Forum debate with Horton (see my two previous tweets), can you take the affirmative on the resolution, “American military action in the Middle East is needed to prevent terrorism on US soil and promote American interests & security for our allies”?

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US Government: If you have nothing to hide, hide nothing

*Edward Snowden releases PRISM documents


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This week in 2009, Seal Team 6 & CIA forces conducted a night raid in Afghanistan, dragging school children from their beds, handcuffing them & executing them w/ shots to the head. Other children were shot in their sleep. In total, 8 children were killed & 2 adults civilians.

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I have to tell you; I haven’t seen a Senator who loves war this much since the Star Wars Prequels.

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My friend Lindsay Graham is a bit mad right now. You see, he’s never seen a war end before. He’s going to have to console himself with the fact that we still are in about 8 more. I know it will be hard for him, but I think he’ll get by.

The only evidence we have that Hitler committed suicide in 1945 is the words of the USSR

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On this day when we non-Christians have twitter to ourselves, have you heard the one about the two Jews passing a church that offers $1000 if you convert? One goes in--and his friend asks him when he returns if he got the $1000. He responds, “Is that all you people care about?”

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Merry Christmas everyone.
This is my 6th Christmas in prison. I wish I could be out there with my loved ones. I’m still hopeful I’ll be able to celebrate at home someday.

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@RitaPanahi@twitter.com @lundwall@twitter.com That's why you shouldn't do acid at the gun range

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I can’t respect people who have no morals or values. Fear that causes hate makes people illogical, case in point.

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Many of these people hold these two views: 1 - that it was horrible to leave the war in Syria and 2 - that it is horrible that General Mattis left, since he was what kept the President from starting WWIII or something. I don’t understand how you hold both of those views.

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