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Justin Amash once again proves he is light years ahead of the rank and file L’s 😅😂😅

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Tired of people acting like Texas law enforcement didn’t spring into action to save those children. They armored up and brought out the MRAP and went in there ready for battle.

Oh wait. This was what they did to a bar that tried to serve some beer during COVID lockdowns.

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There is no excuse here and disarming the public is definitely not the answer after what we found out in

Mass shootings have been stopped before some by random citizens some by cops but what happened in Texas is inexcusable!

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@deaflibertarian Anyone who believes in our absolute natural right to defend our family, ourselves & our property from anyone that would do us harm hates the NRA.

Maybe one day I'll be more involved & be there myself.
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The greatest state in the union is here to represent!

The Bill Of Rights isn’t a permission slip FROM government…

It’s a restraining order ON THE STATE.

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@neeratanden A woman with a handgun just took out a mass shooter in West Virginia.

The cops have ARs and body armor.

It's not because they're outgunned.

It's because they're cowardly little bitches who only shoot when their target is unarmed.

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It's a more Tyler Childers kind of day.

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The next time someone says that we don’t need guns as an armed populous because police are there to help.

Police, according to a FL judge, have no legal duty to protect you.

Keep in consideration this was written in response to the Parkland shooting


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People who don’t own guns shouldn’t be making laws about them.

Did I do it right?

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Questions that won’t be answered: Did punitive drug laws prevent mom from getting help? Did welfare make it easier for dad to abandon his family? Have public schools become callous prisons for struggling kids. Did lockdowns make things exponentially worse for someone on the edge?

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Public shootings push people to make emotional decisions and condemnations of the 2nd Amendment. It's awful when people die from senseless violence, but please remember that the real battle is with human nature, not firearms. twitter.com/joshsteimle/status

Just left my eye doctor appointment. Not the news I wanted to hear. Eye surgeon says he will not do LASIK on me because " the risk is too high" due to my autoimmune condition.

Substituting a can of Campbell's French Onion Soup for water when making Ramen noodles is a game changer.

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Lots of Republicans acting like Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity sold out on Ukraine
This is literally who they’ve always been. Seven years ago Ted Cruz was bragging how he’d make sand glow in the dark by carpet bombing the Middle East and Sean Hannity cheerled the Iraq War 20 years ago

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