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Tired of people acting like Texas law enforcement didn’t spring into action to save those children. They armored up and brought out the MRAP and went in there ready for battle.

Oh wait. This was what they did to a bar that tried to serve some beer during COVID lockdowns.

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There is no excuse here and disarming the public is definitely not the answer after what we found out in

Mass shootings have been stopped before some by random citizens some by cops but what happened in Texas is inexcusable!

Maybe one day I'll be more involved & be there myself.
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The greatest state in the union is here to represent!

The only thing that I find amazing about this is that anyone is actually surprised. Anyone who has been paying attention to social media since its inception and has at least one half of a functioning brain cell knows this to be the case.
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BREAKING: Twitter Senior Engineer says “Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech”, admits employees are “Commie as F**k”and they tried to “revolt against” @elonmusk’s takeover bid.…

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Peter Doocy just completely STUMPED Psaki's replacement on her first day

This is so embarrassing. She's DONE. t.co/Ifuv4aGg0H

The use of the word "civilian" is the EXACT reason we do.
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Civilians have zero need to use similar weapons I used in a war.

Like a rifle designed to kill as many people as possible in the least amount of time.

Re-upped for another year with @LPNational

I got to say, I really like the design of the card for this year.

I will not be making the convention this year, but maybe next time around.

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Kinda funny how independent media called this out while corporate media along with government promoted the lies.

But now according to the government we need a new disinformation board to watch over and punish independent media?

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