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Among the many cruelties of the past 20 months, the mandate that people cannot be with loved ones in the hospital during procedures, surgeries, or worse things is surely one of the most egregious.

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Yo @TwitterSupport bring back @ReedCoverdale He made a silly joke, nothing to get booted over.

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I’m like 1933 to 1945 percent sure this isn’t true.

I hope both Rhythm Devils are ok. //

Dead & Company Plays Through Bill Kreutzmann’s Absence, Mickey Hart’s Early Exit At Red Rocks [Photos/Videos] liveforlivemusic.com/news/dead

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Don’t miss my interview with @mkibbe on @BlazeTV and @freethepeople this Wednesday! We talk Fauci, gain of function research, natural immunity, and mandates.

This is the route I am choosing to take today, well except for this tweet.
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If you have nothing nice to say about a public figure after their death, it’s always an acceptable option to not say anything at all.

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which of these two would you say more closely resembles a Ponzi scheme?

It's a violent "insurrection" worse event in US History since 9/11. Maybe @AOC & her colleagues should launch a commission.
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BREAKING: Indigenous Leaders are occupying the Bureau of Indian Affairs in DC for the first time since the 1970's.


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Anyone with an ounce of common sense knew lockdowns would lead to more deaths of despair, abuse, and isolation. This wasn't hard to predict.

Yet here we are, reporting on our own predictions about central planning.
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The Biden administration seems to be governing under the slogan Bring Back Bread Lines.

RGB's biggest point about the Anthem protests was that they showed "...contempt for [a] government..." As a libertarian I'm like how the fuck can anyone not have anything but contempt for government.
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Katie Couric: I withheld RBG's harsh anthem kneeling comments to 'protect' her trib.al/I5UMeRM

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NEW: A Republican Ohio lawmaker will introduce a marijuana legalization bill later today.

While reform is bipartisan among the public, this is the latest example of a GOP legislator championing legalization—a positive sign for advocates.


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