It's not often that I agree with @MMFlint but he's right.

What is going on in the Ukraine is not our business to get involved in.
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NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! NO TROOPS, NO WAR, ANYWHERE. Will we never learn anything? Biden - you want war? YOU go! As a Senator you supported our last two illegal failed invasions. If you can stand up for a 2 hr press conference, you can carry a gun…

I don't want to give Twitter money, but my clumsy fingers typing on a smartphone keyboard, would really like to fix typos in tweets.

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If you follow me because I criticized Donald Trump but can’t cope with my criticisms of Joe Biden, then rest assured that you did not understand my criticisms of Trump.

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Literally everyone that takes the Austrian school seriously saw this coming

If the LNC wasn't too busy infighting maybe an @LPNational candidate could have had this kind of bold messaging.
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Louisiana Senate candidate Gary Chambers (D) smokes blunt in first campaign ad

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The cloth masks were for training purposes only.

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Athletes warned against speaking up on human rights at Beijing Games

Even stronger. They were going to be bloodthirsty against whomever won the GOP nomination in 2016. It just happened to be the perfect guy to hate. Their anger will just keep increasing every cycle.
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Do you think the animus of the left would be as strong against DeSantis as it was against Trump?

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Ironically, A Good Number of Americans Need To Overcome Their Fear of Freedom

Watch the whole show here:

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There was no way for TRUMP to win. So he sacrificed the American people to the COVID alarmists in exchange for good press and didn’t even get it.

I agree. Still not voting for either of them.
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Ron DeSantis did more to make my life better as governor (of a state I don’t even live in) than Trump did as president.

New French law bans unvaccinated from restaurants, venues --- What's next? forcing the unvaxed to identify themselves? maybe with a piece of clothing, like a yellow star badge?

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