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The US survived

> 132 years without an FBI
> 137 years without Income Tax
> 159 years without Social Security
> 171 years without a CIA
> 243 years without a Space Force

“Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have”

- Jefferson

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Declare your independence from the two-party system.

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I might be crazy, but I think anyone ignorant enough to blame gas prices on gas station owners is unqualified to be president.

(And if he’s not ignorant, that means he’s dishonest. Which is worse.)

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@libsoftiktok Birds aren't even real, so

The first time USC represents the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl is going to feel weird as hell.

I hold the sane & responsible belief that Bernie Sanders and other people who hold his social, economic & political views have done more harm to the past, present & future of the planet than almost anything else.
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I hold the radical belief that the profits of a handful of oil companies are not more important than the future of the planet.

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Abolish the Department of Education.

But just before it is eliminated, rename it for the sake of accuracy. Posterity deserves to know that it was actually the "Department of State Indoctrination."

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I don’t want to live in a society that demands every detail of the Amber Heard Johnny Depp case but is somehow content without a single name from the Ghislaine Maxwell client list.

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@JackPosobiec It's almost as if convincing people to risk their lives for overseas proxy wars rather than actual defense is a tough sell.

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Because no jackets or ties plus rolled up sleeves means working really hard. Why do these fools listen to the photographer but not to their own people who can't stand them?

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I refuse to let the left misterm murder as a medical issue the same as I refuse to let them blame guns for the actions of murderers.

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Many Republicans are mistakenly arguing that abortion isn’t a right because it’s not in the Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t grant any rights. The issue with abortion is not that it’s not enumerated as a right but rather that it clashes with someone else’s right to life.

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The new bipartisan gun control scheme, signed into law yesterday, makes guns more traceable and harder to obtain.

Except those given to the CIA, trafficked to Mexican drug cartels, and devoted to overseas proxy wars, of course.

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@RBReich Can we start talking less about the personal freedom to get an abortion, and start talking more about the babies freedom to not die from an abortion?


Knowing I helped save babies from being slaughtered, would help me sleep very well at night.
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@drkellyscriven They have to sleep at night.

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