I am glad you see nuclear as an necessary solution.
Banning CO2 without nuclear is a path to hell.
However I do not see CO2 as a problem at all. So all these efforts (billions) are waisted and could be used for more pressing issues.


The alternatives you give are suboptimal solutions. Otherwise they would be chosen right now. Electronics is reducing its power use since the first radio, and still goes on. But it needs an high tech environment. Building with wood might be good in the north, but in the south, f.i. Greece, Egypth, Spain, Morokko, etc. They use massive stone buildings. Why would that be?
Just pressing people to use inferiour solutions doesn't solve the problem.


So we have still several hundreds of million years to correct, to get the CO2 level to the good level.


With only limited energy, the world can feed only a few persons per square mile. High tech products cannot exist in such environment.
Think a moment about the energy use just to build your home. All the bricks, glass and tiles are baked and transported. The copper for electricity. The plastics used. The iron for heat radiators. You are delusional this can all go on with some windmills and solar panels.

FVD is de grootste winnaar. Maar in plaats dat men de zorgen van kiezers serieus neemt, gaat de eenheidspartij (VVD, CDA,D66,PVDA en GL) gewoon door op de destructieve weg van onzinnige CO2 maatregelen en kostenverhogingen.
Het framen en schelden op FVD is nog verder toegenomen. Wat zijn ze toch erg voor (een beperkte soort) diversiteit.

You are spamming. Your facts are illusions. Climates always change, but there is no real human ability to influence or control. Your pressing and framing will result in billions of deaths. It will bring us back to the middle ages, with accompanied famines.


Waarom kan ik nergens achterhalen wat individuele parlementsleden hebben gestemd? Hoe kun je op deze manier zinvol kiezen in mei?

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