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There are no such things as “positive rights.” When you hear someone claim them, they either want to control you or rob you.

I've dated a LP. Ain't no shame!

You get me a date with Jemma Suicide, and you'll NEVER see my fucking ass again.

Let's posit this for a sec.
Even if the article behind this click bait trash headline had factual data showing the U.S. (the most prosperous country... IN THE WORLD) was 10th, you've at the very least failed at disseminating that data.
Those sweet sweet clicks took priority.
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The worst countries in the world to be a woman? Unfortunately, the U.S. is in the top 10. bit.ly/2XYDA9g

20 GOTO 10


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I think fast file seeking in SEQ, PRG and USR files on sd2iec is a hugely overlooked feature. It could enable all sorts of clever random storage within a single file. Like REL, but much more flexible.

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Horror. A man, his partner, & 2 children. 11 y/o & 6 months. Stopped by ICE. On way to doctors appointment for the baby. Local police shattered his window, ripped him out, & handed him to ICE. Only let him say goodbye to one of his 2 kids. “I want daddy.”

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Being disabled it’s very hard for me to do push-ups just a few weeks ago I could barely do 1, my goal is at least to do 5 or 10 I’m so proud of myself I’m gonna keep doing them until I reach my goal ‼️ t.co/QnyOe8ZHTS

This ASMR Michelob Ultra commercial makes me wanna scream bloody GORE.

From birdsite 

From birdsite 

Did someone finally buy the damn Millennial Hotel?
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Busch Stadium will look a little different starting this season...

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The dinosaurs are realizing they’re sinking in the tar pits that they created.

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We know more about a smirking teen from Kentucky than we do about what this man did.

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