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Sad, but true. The COVID generation of children are going to be seriously damaged by their cowardly parents.

This is excellent activism. The White Rose Society is back. Telegram link:

At least nine police vehicles are present at the NH governor house today, a record number. See the photo, originally posted via Instagram:

Is it finally time for secession to go mainstream? @amelanchyer See the photo, originally posted via Instagram:

Secession is going main stream. Rush Limbaugh is now talking about it:

"I actually think that we’re trending toward secession. I see more and more people asking what in the world do we have in common with the people who live in, say, New York? "

Hillsboro police were on their best behavior when Keene activists protested in front of the NH Attorney General's house. Watch the fun at See the photo, originally posted via Instagram:

Here's what happened yesterday at the Thanksgiving Day protest at the New Hampshire Attorney General's house. He wife was NOT happy:

Actually, in one he actually targets obedience. "As you suffocate your freedoms with the joy of obedience..." MUST-SHARE.

We're going back to Sununu's house this Sunday 11/29 at 2pm. Here's an event for it on a site that can't be taken down by big tech:

"HIS EXCELLENCY" Chris Sununu and Uncle Joe See the photo, originally posted via Telegram:

Dozens of people protesting at the home of "HIS EXCELLENCY" Chris Sununu for the first time ever. See the photo, originally posted via Instagram:

Prior to the election police supporters stole 150 DiMezzo for Sheriff campaign signs - totaling over $1,000 in damages. The self-described "Anarchist She-Male" and Satanist is practicing forgiveness and refusing to press charges.

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