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@Elect_Nobody and I at this year's @aclu_nh Bill of Rights awards dinner. The New Hampshire ACLU is one of the most consistently pro-freedom groups and also one of the most effective. Glad to be a supporter.

Did you miss the 10th anniversary of the Keene 420 rallies? We were there, smoking up again in public at Keene's Central Square. Here's a video:

Thanks to @hameggsnsam for the footage of the original rallies.

Last night it was so warm out I was wearing a t-shirt while doing what will likely be the last know-your-rights-with-police outreach of this year to the college neighborhood. Almost everyone already has received a flyer, so my mission is accomplished. Brought and handed out some crypto flyers for those who already got the copblock flyer. Everyone was very appreciated except one grumpy Keene fireman.

Freer Talk Live is on our video streams at Twitch and DLIve now with Jay Noone, Nobody, and Silver Dave! Tune in live at

Keene's got a trans pro-liberty city council candidate who's getting mainstream coverage, @aria_dimezzo and also @elect_nobody was on this morning for an hour!

You are cordially invited to celebrate 10 years of cannabis civil disobedience in NH this coming Saturday, 9/28 at 4:20pm in Keene's Central Square, where it all started:

This is going to hurt a lot of people. PayPal to charge fees even on refunded transactions!

@Elect_Nobody is on WKNH 91.3 right now at Keene State College with @vincentquoi - video coming later to @FreeKeene

Nobody's running for mayor, I'm running for city council along with Conan, Bob Call, and @aria_dimezzo - if you care about freedom, you have multiple options on this year's municipal ballot:

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently on the @CoinSpice Podcast with @cryptokelso. We covered why pro-liberty crypto people should migrate to New Hampshire, ASAP.

Another year another several weeks of college know-your-rights-wth-police outreach. Hundreds and hundreds of Copblock flyers handed out to very grateful students. Also, Jazzy continues to be the #1 activist dog and is a critical part of the outreach project.

I've had a Keybase account for a couple years and haven't done much with it. All of a sudden, there's some really big news..

Darryl Perry's recovering from a very nasty hit to his head. Here's how you can help:'s News site has called Keene "Crypto Mecca" in the headline of a lengthy piece about crypto-acceptance at real-life businesses here:

In case you couldn't attend, here's the full video of the Bitcoin Cash two-year retrospective presentation and discussion held at Bitcoin Embassy NH last month:

CBP Checkpoint is happening now near Lebanon, NH between Exit 18 and 19.

 -from ACLU-NH

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