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Are you following LRN.FM on Twitch? Call To Freedom is LIVE there right now from our Keene studio:

This has got to be the best article on the Carolina Dog I've ever read. I'm certain Jazzy the Studio Beast is a Carolina and am sending off a DNA test this week for her.

Jury duty was canceled, but I have Don't Take Plea fliers too!

Here is what happened to me and my devices at Customs and Border Protection at JFK airport returning from @anarchapulco

A State of Trance 900 featured multiple stages - here's the unlisted video link for the "Who's Afraid of 138" stage live feed:

In the past, I have discussed the illegal border searches of electronics devices on my radio show. Today, I experienced it personally while being detained for three hours by CBP. These unconstitutional searches are happening more than ever, but mine definitely wasn't random.

@medgeftl and I at @anarchapulco 2019 - what a killer event! It was an honor to be part of the best Anarchapulco yet. Photo courtesy Ron Pepper.

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