Nobody will be filing for NH Governor at 8:30 at the state house tomorrow morning! Please come to support Nobody's attempt to unseat the King. Nobody can save us now.

Protest beginning in Veterans Park in Manchester, hundreds here

Will the burning of the police department be duplicated elsewhere or is this an isolated incident? People are out of work and rightfully angry at the tyrants....

Wow protestors finally got it right and torched the Minneapolis police station. Now if only they'd stop paying taxes too.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Hope Chapel's outdoor civil disobedience church here in Keene, and pastor Joe Mabe's sermon was the best I've ever heard. Whether you're Christian or not - I'm not - if you love freedom, you'll really love this video:

Keene crew along with a couple military Veterans took Hampton Beach this cold, wet morning despite "orders" from "HIS EXCELLENCY" prohibiting people from here. Police ignored us.

I haven't been to a Christian church service in more than two decades, but now that it's been made illegal, I was called to attend today to show support for the courageous Hope Chapel here in Keene where dozens violated the "orders" of "HIS EXCELLENCY" this morning. What a beautiful day!

I haven't been to a Christian church in many years, but I'll be at Hope Chapel in the morning at 11am in Keene to support this important civil disobedience:

How was Bitcoin Pizza Day in your area? There are two articles up right now at Free Keene describing Keene and Portsmouth's successful events:



Will the Libertarian Party finally make the right choice for their presidential nominee for the first time in two decades? They can if they choose Vermin Supreme.

Is the new Crypto Frontier project going to outcompete the Free State Project? They got @vinarmani to move to the Marianas... listen to him and Crypto Frontier founder Alex Ugorji live every Friday night on Free Talk Live.

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