Mark and I are starting a "Freer Talk Live" aftershow NOW. Tune in at or via our Twitch channel where we'll be interviewing Danny Ledonne of "Playing Columbine"

PCI card is working right despite no longer being supported for years

Tried to install dual-boot with ubuntu, but it's not seeing the RAID. Have never installed Linux on a RAID, so knowing Linux, it will be more complicated than it should be. Though to be fair Windows is also a pain to install on RAID. So now I'm trying to install an old PCI audio card as a possible solution.

Looked at another brand USB audio device and there are reviews describing the same garbled audio I'm hearing, so different hardware may not solve the issue. I don't want to downgrade to break the video driver, so I'm fucked. I can't imagine how frustrating this would be if I'd actually paid for this garbage operating system.

Grr. So I "upgraded" to a newer version of Windows 10 recently in order to get a new graphics card to work and it broke my USB soundcards! Contacted the manufacturer of the "Lexicon Alpha" and their engineer says Win 10 has broken their shit. They aren't gonna bother to update the drivers, so for Win 10 they are garbage now. Seriously considering dual booting to Ubuntu now as I can't find old drivers to try.

I went to bed at 3am last night after hanging out with Rich and Matt for a while, got up at 10:30 to take Jazzy out, then went back to bed and then without an alarm work up at 7:00 pm sharp in time to go on Free Talk Live. Crazy.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my posts from Japan. You were my company on the trip since Mark got banned. It made it a little more fun to be able to share my experience with you.

Nearly every toilet I used in Tokyo had a "washlet"/bidet on it, which is awesome. This one at the offices had a little sink top that runs when you flush it, so you can use the fresh water that fills the tank, before it gets in the tank. Smart!

Back in Boston. Next stop, I get to go see the one thing Japan will never have - my Jazzy Girl! <3

The TSA line was WAY slower than customs, but have made it in - next stop, Boston.

My Japanese beef jerky is going to be destroyed. Apparently no meat products can cross borders. Not even salted, preserved ones.

Breezed right through this time. Now just gotta go through TSA

Alright, place your bets, how will customs go this time? Just got to Minneapolis.

Always wondered what their video server is like on these flights - it's gotta be pretty powerful to serve hundreds of people with video on demand. Every seat has an LCD screen with access to a bunch of movies and tv shows and such. Remember the old days when there was the in flight movie and you either watched or you didn't?

Just shelled out $22 for the 11 hour flight for internet access, but to Delta's credit, they do offer free messaging to anyone onboard.

Got a last minute detailed screening just before boarding by what appeared to be a private security agent working for Delta, another little Japanese girl. Had to remove shoes, and all electronics from my bag as she swabbed for presumably explosives. She was very nice.

Fraction of the view from a building in Shibuya. Roger says on a clearer day, you can easily see Mount Fuji

After nearly a year on the dating apps in New England, I had to come to Tokyo to actually met someone from them. I've had more likes in a day or two here than I did the entire time in America. Wow. Like the US, though, most didn't respond after the "match", but Anna here to my left did, so I had a date for the first time in most of a decade.

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