Last night my first love, Julia Miranda, passed away at age 34. I had just seen her a couple of weeks ago and given her a hug. I am grateful for our time together and her positive influence on me. She was kind, smart, hard-working, and generous. I will miss you, Julia.

Penn says he has yet to get away from Vegas to be able to visit @phokeenegreat, but did remark that he has the t-shirt!

Penn Jillette and Glenn Beck sitting on the edge of the stage having a discussion and taking questions from the audience.

@penn_jilette speaks to likely close to 1,000 here at Freedom Fest 2019

I heard there was a Vaultlogic machine in Vegas. Thanks to @erinnakamoto and @doug.scribner

Thanks to the decentralized, blockchain-based LBRY, the "Hippie vs NAZI" full debate video that was censored from YouTube is still online! Fuck corporate censorship! @lbryio

Kudos to LP National chairman @nsarwark for his major announcement that he and his family are migrating to New Hampshire as of next month!

Brisket Friday at @hothogsbbq - I'm here doing some tech support, so it's a perfect excuse for a brisket breakfast. Normally don't care to photograph my food, but i like it i if I'm paying with crypto, which I do often here in

@Nobody it was going on when I posted it. She normally has something good on special.

Three buffalo chicken tacos for a mere $6 worth of DASH! Good breakfast from @hothogsbbq and thanks to for the 10% DASH-Back! Welcome to

Here's the social media panel from 2019 featuring @naomibrockwell, @desiraethinking, @free_ross, and @carlagericke

@porcfest @freestateNH

Tune in live to watch Aria, Rich Paul, and Melanie on Free Talk Live at

Call to Freedom has moved to Sundays and Wednesdays, 2-5pm Eastern, which means they are live now! Tune in on our DLive channel at

For real this time: the "Next Ten Years of Bitcoin" panel from 2019 featuring @naomibrockwell @tonevays @vinarmani @polozov @chrispacia @jeffreyatucker

Here's the "Next Ten Years of Bitcoin" panel from 2019 featuring @naomibrockwell @tonevays @vinarmani @polozov @chrispacia @jeffreyatucker

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