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More than ten people attended Keene Nightcap this week aka the "No Fear Ball" in Keene' s Central Square. It was epic, just like old times.

It's the hot new viral challenge, where bored people at home get out their and purposely eat the worst looking can. If you survive, you win .
Seriously though, thinking about making a video about how I totally failed at having food stored. Apparently you should actually eat the stuff you have saved over time and rotate through it. Also, rust is an enemy of canned food storage.

Tonight at midnight Eastern on the Free Keene YouTube channel, we're doing our first-ever video premiere. Join Nobody and me in the live chat as you watch Nobody go to court and the police station to retrieve his trusty machete which was stolen from him during a kidnapping:

Major turnout for a bill to ban kratom in NH. The bill sponsor changed the entire thing at the last minute to a bill to regulate instead of ban it. Nobody and I will oppose both prohibition and regulations. @johnbush512

Kicking off 32 at the Best Western Plus in Manchester by interviewing founder and organizer Jack Shimek. There's a whole day to go and admission is free - come join us Sunday in the Adams room downstairs!

WTSN is the first station in New Hampshire to run Free Talk Live all seven nights a week! Our full station list, now at 204:

I don't agree with what he says, but i will defend his right to say it - and not go to jail for it.

End of an era. The Comrex Nexus ISDN codec has served Free Talk Live since 2004. Now our radio network is ending its ISDN service and going solely with IP codecs like Comrex Access. Access is pretty good, but IP is still not quite as reliable as the decades-old ISDN tech. I'll miss it, but change moves on. Our studio may have been the last ISDN line in Keene! This codec was $2500 fifteen years ago. Now they sell for $50 on ebay.

My parents sent me some old stuff including a 23-year old brochure for summer camp at @cedarkirk showing me and some cool people whose names I don't recall, working in the kitchen. I would have been nearly fifteen when this was taken. I'm grateful for all the good times I had there and the good folks with whom I crossed paths. via Instagram

The delicious Red Dragon pizza from @littlezoes, paid for with DASH cryptocurrency thanks to @anypayinc, tipped the super cool staff with @utahgoldback - welcome to !

Did you see my video of Vermin Supreme's historic "Guns N' Ponies" march? It was a lot of fun to make:
I'm voting for @verminsupreme in the NH Libertarian primary for sure.

Normally I pay for my BBQ with crypto when at Kirby's Q in Alstead, but today I used Goldbacks! @utahgoldback

Kudos to Ballotpedia for listing Nobody for NH Governor 2020!

Bought two Bit Mugs at @blockchainnh with Goldbacks! My first purchase with the beautiful @utahgoldback - people at the conference were very interested.

I haven't been this excited about gold in a long time. @utahgoldback

I voted for @Elect_Nobody today and other libertarians today in Keene. How many libertarians did you have on your municipal primary ballot where you live? Might be time to migrate to New Hampshire if you love liberty...

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