Studio guts. Finally retiring the old Telos OneX6, which was the same phone hybrid that I used at WYNF back in the late 90s. Now LRN.FM is moving a decade ahead in phone hybrid technology, all the way to 2007 with the COMREX STAC! Given COMREX just retired the STAC it seemed a good time to upgrade and I found a good deal on eBay.

The Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network Meetup at @streetsavory in Keene today - good group, great food.

Last night my first love, Julia Miranda, passed away at age 34. I had just seen her a couple of weeks ago and given her a hug. I am grateful for our time together and her positive influence on me. She was kind, smart, hard-working, and generous. I will miss you, Julia.

Penn says he has yet to get away from Vegas to be able to visit @phokeenegreat, but did remark that he has the t-shirt!

Penn Jillette and Glenn Beck sitting on the edge of the stage having a discussion and taking questions from the audience.

@penn_jilette speaks to likely close to 1,000 here at Freedom Fest 2019

I heard there was a Vaultlogic machine in Vegas. Thanks to @erinnakamoto and @doug.scribner

Brisket Friday at @hothogsbbq - I'm here doing some tech support, so it's a perfect excuse for a brisket breakfast. Normally don't care to photograph my food, but i like it i if I'm paying with crypto, which I do often here in

Three buffalo chicken tacos for a mere $6 worth of DASH! Good breakfast from @hothogsbbq and thanks to for the 10% DASH-Back! Welcome to

Glad I came to witness one of the best Porcupine Freedom Festivals in years. If you like this photo, wait till you see the historic auction video.

It's been a sunny, relaxing day at the Porcupine Freedom Festival. Rodger and Jessica Paxton have five a great job with this event.

Watching @comicdavesmith at 2019. Dave's podcast is heard on LRN.FM.
I'm here for the first time in four years and also my first time here on a vacation.

This is what lunch in Crypto Mecca looks like - paid for with Bitcoin Cash at @hothogsbbq !

Great turnout for a beautiful in Keene at @littlezoes and thanks to we got 10% back on our DASH and BCH purchases!

Nearly every toilet I used in Tokyo had a "washlet"/bidet on it, which is awesome. This one at the offices had a little sink top that runs when you flush it, so you can use the fresh water that fills the tank, before it gets in the tank. Smart!

Fraction of the view from a building in Shibuya. Roger says on a clearer day, you can easily see Mount Fuji

After nearly a year on the dating apps in New England, I had to come to Tokyo to actually met someone from them. I've had more likes in a day or two here than I did the entire time in America. Wow. Like the US, though, most didn't respond after the "match", but Anna here to my left did, so I had a date for the first time in most of a decade.

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