Did you see my video of Vermin Supreme's historic "Guns N' Ponies" march? It was a lot of fun to make: youtu.be/ec3fdvvFsks
I'm voting for @verminsupreme in the NH Libertarian primary for sure.

Normally I pay for my BBQ with crypto when at Kirby's Q in Alstead, but today I used Goldbacks! @utahgoldback

Kudos to Ballotpedia for listing Nobody for NH Governor 2020!

Bought two Bit Mugs at @blockchainnh with Goldbacks! My first purchase with the beautiful @utahgoldback - people at the conference were very interested.

I haven't been this excited about gold in a long time. @utahgoldback

I voted for @Elect_Nobody today and other libertarians today in Keene. How many libertarians did you have on your municipal primary ballot where you live? Might be time to migrate to New Hampshire if you love liberty... move.shiresociety.com

@Elect_Nobody and I at this year's @aclu_nh Bill of Rights awards dinner. The New Hampshire ACLU is one of the most consistently pro-freedom groups and also one of the most effective. Glad to be a supporter.

This is going to hurt a lot of people. PayPal to charge fees even on refunded transactions!

@Elect_Nobody is on WKNH 91.3 right now at Keene State College with @vincentquoi - video coming later to @FreeKeene

@vincentquoi is on fire tonight on his show, "Questioning Authority" on LRN.FM. Listen there or watch it live on Twitch and dlive.lrn.fm


Breakfast anytime, for crypto, seven days a week at @the_thirsty_owl in Keene

Studio guts. Finally retiring the old Telos OneX6, which was the same phone hybrid that I used at WYNF back in the late 90s. Now LRN.FM is moving a decade ahead in phone hybrid technology, all the way to 2007 with the COMREX STAC! Given COMREX just retired the STAC it seemed a good time to upgrade and I found a good deal on eBay.

The Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network Meetup at @streetsavory in Keene today - good group, great food.

Last night my first love, Julia Miranda, passed away at age 34. I had just seen her a couple of weeks ago and given her a hug. I am grateful for our time together and her positive influence on me. She was kind, smart, hard-working, and generous. I will miss you, Julia.

Penn says he has yet to get away from Vegas to be able to visit @phokeenegreat, but did remark that he has the t-shirt!

Penn Jillette and Glenn Beck sitting on the edge of the stage having a discussion and taking questions from the audience.

@penn_jilette speaks to likely close to 1,000 here at Freedom Fest 2019

I heard there was a Vaultlogic machine in Vegas. Thanks to @erinnakamoto and @doug.scribner

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