Another huge crowd at the BLM event in Nashua. Unlike the Nashua rally, this one has been co-opted by the politicians. All the speakers so far have been elected politicians, including an NH Senator who actually claimed that most cops are good - ridiculous. Overall, police harm peaceful people every day, black and otherwise. I suspect that message won't be on this stage tonight, but I hope I'm wrong.

The eleventh week of Keene Nightcap, the most important and epic thus far. We were well past the ten person mark with several of the`regulars attending plus five people who just happened in to join us. It was amazing and so good to be here in Keene.

Protest beginning in Veterans Park in Manchester, hundreds here

Keene crew along with a couple military Veterans took Hampton Beach this cold, wet morning despite "orders" from "HIS EXCELLENCY" prohibiting people from here. Police ignored us.

I haven't been to a Christian church service in more than two decades, but now that it's been made illegal, I was called to attend today to show support for the courageous Hope Chapel here in Keene where dozens violated the "orders" of "HIS EXCELLENCY" this morning. What a beautiful day!

Eleven at last night's Nightcap in Keene's Central Square; it was week eight. Join us every Friday night at 11:59pm.

Great rally in Concord today, handed out a huge stack of Foundation for NH Independence fliers! Sadly there was a chant at one point of "USA!", but most people seemed receptive to a message of independence for NH.

Hundreds attend another successful freedom rally in Concord, NH!

We hit twelve today at Social Sunday in Keene! Central Square, 5pm Sundays

Well, eleven years on, zero arrests - the Concord 420 at 4:20 on 4/20 has been an unqualified success. This year was fun, despite the record low turnout. Event founder, "Nobody" says he may repurpose the event as an annual Live Free or Die rally and seek Jean Coutu's blessing as the official LFOD rally founder in Jaffrey.

This guy had the best signs at the rally, hands down. Kudos to Captain Kickass for getting the photo.

Hundreds in front of the state house supporting freedom! Wow!

Attendees from as far away as Manchester and Chesterfield helped us reach fifteen people at once tonight at the weekly Nightcap in Keene's Central Square. It was great! See you next Friday, 11:59pm!

Even during this ridiculous lockdown, @the_thirsty_owl still has the best breakfast in town, available all day, payable with cryptocurrency thanks to @anypayinc ! I also tipped the super cool chef, Audra, with crypto.

Tonight, I hung out at an underground club with more than ten people! A potluck is now civil disobedience!

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