Nearly every toilet I used in Tokyo had a "washlet"/bidet on it, which is awesome. This one at the offices had a little sink top that runs when you flush it, so you can use the fresh water that fills the tank, before it gets in the tank. Smart!

Fraction of the view from a building in Shibuya. Roger says on a clearer day, you can easily see Mount Fuji

After nearly a year on the dating apps in New England, I had to come to Tokyo to actually met someone from them. I've had more likes in a day or two here than I did the entire time in America. Wow. Like the US, though, most didn't respond after the "match", but Anna here to my left did, so I had a date for the first time in most of a decade.

Street promoters hand out flyers like in other cities, but street flyers in Tokyo are included in packs of tissues so you're more likely to actually keep it. Smart!

Girls painted in gold love bitcoin! Yes, there are two large ads promoting bitcoin within visible distance of each other here in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Back at the Lawson, 9% cola tonight plus some weird grapefruit tasting 9% drink, no pics of it, sorry.

Last night on the LRN.FM Discord, Jay Freeville sent me to a video called "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown" about Tokyo. Apparently this guy sadly hung himself but made some entertaining documentaries beforehand. Today we happened to be near one of the places he went.

Entrance to the unintentionally hilariously named Takeshita street.

Roger and I walked around Tokyo for a few hours today. Here's a pic of me he took at one end of Takeashita St., a very busy shopping area in the Harajuku district which he says attracts younger people.

Am old Japanese man chuckled at me as he was walking in to the Natural Lawson this morning. Maybe he found my cassette hoodie amusing? I smiled and waved at him. Good thing I brought it and a pair of jeans. It's a little chilly here this morning.

Welcome to Don Quijote, the Wal-Mart of Japan, all kinds of stuff in a two-story shopping experience packed full of people at decent prices. I got a bunch of 9% beer, a 32 GB micro SD card, some peanuts, candy, jerkey, and noodles for about $25.

Finally found a place with some spicy food! This is a massive bowl of spicy miso soup for under $10 just down the street from the Don Quijote.

Orange flavored 9% alcohol drink thing I got from the "bakery cafe". Doing some day drinking to celebrate $6,700 BTC and some big FTL news coming this weekend...

Lawson, a convenience store chain that put some metal tables and chairs out front, threw the word natural in front of the brand and now it's a "bakery cafe"!

In Tokyo, apparently it's very common for restaurants to have these multilingual machines at the front where you order, pay, receive a ticket, and seat yourself. Then someone comes and gets your ticket. Food comes out fast. Also it's cheap.

Cigarette Vending Machine! There is a beer vending machine nearby, though it has an ID scanner. This doesn't appear to.

In Tokyo, smorking while walking is illegal. Also, possible five year prison sentence for possession of cannabis.

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