Tired of those old centralized live video streaming platforms? We're testing out DLive, which claims to be a decentralized video streaming platform - tune in now to Call to Freedom with @AriaDiMezzo

How do I run a #Dlive instance? Because the only way to use Dlive it seems to me is to go to - which isn't decentralized at all! Compare that to Peertube, which is in fact decentralized - I even run my own instance which federates the same way #mastodon does.

So please, how is this decentralized?
You did say "claims". As you pointed out in the Dlive chat, this claim is demonstrably false. Same thing happens when certain people talk about #Minds (ah hem @mancerayder14 and Sherry Voluntary) which also is centralized and who has also deplatform people.
If you can't run it, it's not decentralized.

@bigl0af @AriaDiMezzo @mancerayder14 too early for me to jump to conclusions, either way, we'll know more soon enough. I forget the name of the other decentralized project for video streaming, but there's is another one, though I don't think their product is out yet.

@bigl0af @AriaDiMezzo @mancerayder14 you keep promoting that, but it is not for live streaming. Besides, we're already on LBRY

@FTL_Ian @mancerayder14 @AriaDiMezzo forgot that livestreaming is really the prob you're trying to solve. Yeah, LBRY.IO is pretty nice, decentralized like #peertube too!! unfortunately it's not in the fediverse but that may or may not be important to you.
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