Quit facebook this year - now, how do I quit email?

@FTL_Ian I don't think you can abandon it entirely. You need it to, for example, sign up for liberdon. :)

What I'd do is set up a new email account for the few purposes for which you need email, remove as many references your old email address as you can, and then direct anyone you want to talk to either to the new address or some other mode of communication. Then abandon the old email, leaving an autoresponder message to let people know that it's no longer being read.

@billblake2018 yeah, email's still too important to quit, sadly. I have done good about getting out of my inbox - it used to rule me. Now I'll go days without dealing with email. I'm down to a monthly, alcohol-assisted cleanout.

@FTL_Ian That's a step in itself--answering email is a surefire way of getting more. :)

Can't you filter your mail? I do to make things a bit easier.

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