Hey Liberdoners: Today we launched "FTL Social", Free Talk Live's own Mastodon. We'll continue cross-posting FTL, LRN, and Free Keene content here to Liberdon but now the liberty community has two instances from which to choose. Liberdon gets a lot of credit for leading the way. Just to keep things simple for me, I'm going to try the feature that allows me to migrate my followers here to follow me there instead. Visit social.freetalklive.com to check it out!

By the way, kudos to whoever is running the @freestateNH account on Twitter. Very entertaining and useful posts. Are you guys on other less-controlling social platforms yet?

Very modern Shire Forum software looks and works great on a phone: forum.shiresociety.com See the photo, originally posted via Telegram: t.me/FTLIan/557

Sadly, @FreeStateNH is closing down their disused forum. Luckily, the Shire Forums are still active, with potential movers joining and posting intros every month: forum.shiresociety.com

2020 really sucked. I lost my best friend Jazzy in August and government tryanny rose dramatically, but then in October I met Bonnie. She's wonderful and just right for me. Thank you, universe. What an honor to be with this beautiful, intelligent young lady. Here we are at QUARANKEENE, the underground New Year's Eve rave. See the photo, originally posted via Instagram: instagr.am/p/CJxpCeVprbs/

All of crypto's total market cap crossed ONE TRILLION dollars yesterday. Today, Bitcoin crossed $40,000 per unit. Amazing.

I heard people broke into the capitol building in D.C. Here's hoping they burn it down, but they probably just want to elect their favorite tyrant instead.

According to the chart at CoinMarketCap, the previous all time high of the total market cap of all cryptos was $827 Billion on Jan 7th 2018. As of yesterday, it has now reached a new all-time-high - $874 B and rising... WOW.


Last night in the Keene area there was an underground party held inside a permanently closed area restaurant with approximately 70 attendees that featured karaoke, multiple DJs, great food, and raised over $1,100 for charity! Video to come!


Thanks to Vincent for the editing together of multiple videos from the insane crackdown on Monday night's candlelight vigil at the home of King Sununu in Newfields, NH:


After being fired last week by the people of NH, little bitch King Sununu has canceled his public coronation on 1/7 due to "aggressive" protestors outside his home who were attacked by cops Monday night for having a candlelight vigil.


Bitcoin BTC up 280% from a year ago. Rising $1K per day the last few days. It's such a bright spot, you gotta wear shades 😎 - WOW See the photo, originally posted via Telegram: t.me/FTLIan/547

Introducing "COVID Carols"! Download the printable two-sided songsheet PDF here:
freekeene.com/2020/12/25/merry See the photo, originally posted via Instagram: instagr.am/p/CJO-QqdJr1i/

Download your "COVID Carols" songsheet! They're parodies of classic Christmas tunes and I hope you like them. Thanks to Captain Kickass for the excellent parody work and Johnson Rice for the design of the songsheet:


Santa's leaving a Kickass gift to the world sometime tonight on FreeKeene.com. Be sure to look there to see what it is when you wake up Christmas morning!

Video of peaceful protestors being threatened with arrest outside NH King Sununu's house for "disorderly conduct" including chanting & speaking:


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