Longtime readers of Free Keene will remember Manchester Police's badge #1, Robert Harrington, from his first appearance on @derrickjnh 's YouTube channel:


Kudos to Ballotpedia for listing Nobody for NH Governor 2020!

Freer Talk Live is on now with Nobody, Captain Kickass, and Vincent - watch it live at dlive.lrn.fm and twitch.lrn.fm

Don't miss Nobody's excellent interview on Manchester rock station "96.5 The Mill" with Teddy and Laura. He got their endorsements!


Just a reminder, I am not going to contact you over social media to ask you to send me BTC. If someone that appears to be me is asking you about that, they are trying to scam you. Someone has been targeting people I know from various social media. BEWARE.

In 2020, New Hampshire's decentralized libertarian camping festival is moving to an entire week and will include Independence Day! Mark your calendar for June 29th - July 5th, 2020!


I'm at Belknap superior court to support Mike Sylvia, A+ liberty rated NH state rep, in his trial defending against the ongoing attack from the Belmont town gang against his home.


Bought two Bit Mugs at @blockchainnh with Goldbacks! My first purchase with the beautiful @utahgoldback - people at the conference were very interested.

Nobody's been banned permanently from Twitter for hyperbolicly commenting that Hillary and Bill Clinton should be hung, drawn, and quartered:


Thanks to @northshore1049 show "Cryptomania" for interviewing candidate for NH governor, Nobody on their FM talk show about cryptocurrency.


I just called a phone order into Chipotle for the first time. A voice recognition bot took my order and did a darn good job understanding what I said. Pretty impressive.

The 40th anniversary re-release of Alien is playing on Tue and Wed in select theatres. If you haven't seen this classic space horror, or just haven't seen it on the big screen, don't miss it.

I haven't been this excited about gold in a long time. @utahgoldback

We're LIVE NOW on Freer Talk Live - talking about Facebook's Libra - only on Dlive and Twitch - tune in at dlive.lrn.fm

I voted for @Elect_Nobody today and other libertarians today in Keene. How many libertarians did you have on your municipal primary ballot where you live? Might be time to migrate to New Hampshire if you love liberty... move.shiresociety.com

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