Thanks to Cody Wilson for taking us on a tour of Defense Distributed! Good luck.

We're back with another FCC-free "Freer Talk Live" this Tuesday night at 10pm Eastern after the radio show ends, Twitch-ONLY:

Tonight at 10pm Eastern - another Freer Talk Live aftershow exclusively on Twitch!

I'm hosting the torrent of the documentary "Railroaded: The Targeting & Caging of Ross Ulbricht". Please download and seed with your favorite torrent client:

More libertarian cryptocurrency users are moving to New Hampshire and being moved into their homes by total strangers. We just moved in a record sized haul - eight of those truck-pulled pods packed full of stuff:

Did you miss our first-ever Twitch-only aftershow last week? Archive is available and we're doing another one this week. Details:

Quit facebook this year - now, how do I quit email?

Thanks to WHDH-TV's John Cuoco for the interview - you can catch me at about 3:15 in this detailed multi-report on Massachusetts' first day of legal recreational cannabis sales!

This Tuesday at 10pm Eastern join Free Talk Live for our first Twitch-only aftershow! No FCC censors, open lines.

Remember when orange juice containers used to be 64oz?

I'm watching Free Talk Live's live Sunday show right now on Twitch, now with Jazzycams! Please follow our channel here:

The Crystal Method is how I got into electronic music more than twenty years ago. I finally got to see him tonight thanks to @tightcrew in Providence. With @dj_chaos_d @itschaosv

NH Libertarians are protesting the unfair debates being held by WMUR and the Union Leader tomorrow at 5pm outside the gubernatorial debate that is excluding Jilletta Jarvis @Jarvis4Gov

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