I'm running board for Vincent's "Liberty Hangover" Questioning Authority aftershow live on dlive.lrn.fm and twitch.lrn.fm

The delicious Red Dragon pizza from @littlezoes, paid for with DASH cryptocurrency thanks to @anypayinc, tipped the super cool staff with @utahgoldback - welcome to !

I was just the last customer at Route 101 Local Goods in Keene. Big changes to the space are coming in Spring 2020, but the Bitcoin Embassy NH will reopen with its new weekday hours starting Thursday Jan 2nd. BitNH.me

Ho! Ho! Ho! Here's some coal in Keene mayor Kendall Lane's stocking! Video of him revealing his racist beliefs has surfaced online:


Robed man crushes property rights as he threatens NH A+ liberty state rep Mike Sylvia and orders him off "his" property, literally putting him out into the cold. Full trial video, article, and the judge's "order" is all here:


Streaming my first game in a while - Wolfenstein: The New Order. Streaming at:

dlive.lrn.fm and twitch.lrn.fm

New Hampshire's incumbent governor is now going to face TWO libertarians in the 2020 election. First, he's up against @Nobody in the republican primary and now @darrylwperry has announced his campaign for NH governor as a libertarian!


@govchrissununu isn't wrong to oppose the Fed Gov on the exit numbers, but we need a real - full withdrawal from the Union so the people NH can live more free.

I don't remember the last time an audience applauded for a movie, but they did for "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood", a movie about forgiveness, among other things, featuring Tom Hanks as the perfect choice to play Mr. Rogers.

Did you see my video of Vermin Supreme's historic "Guns N' Ponies" march? It was a lot of fun to make: youtu.be/ec3fdvvFsks
I'm voting for @verminsupreme in the NH Libertarian primary for sure.

Normally I pay for my BBQ with crypto when at Kirby's Q in Alstead, but today I used Goldbacks! @utahgoldback

Did you miss the @verminsupreme "Guns N' Ponies" march? Here's video of it, featuring Epstein Didn't Kill Himself aka @rodwebber and NH 2020 gubernatorial candidate @Nobody, Anons, and plenty of pony shit!


Longtime readers of Free Keene will remember Manchester Police's badge #1, Robert Harrington, from his first appearance on @derrickjnh 's YouTube channel:


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