Glad I came to witness one of the best Porcupine Freedom Festivals in years. If you like this photo, wait till you see the historic auction video.

It's been a sunny, relaxing day at the Porcupine Freedom Festival. Rodger and Jessica Paxton have five a great job with this event.

Watching @comicdavesmith at 2019. Dave's podcast is heard on LRN.FM.
I'm here for the first time in four years and also my first time here on a vacation.

Here's what I wrote yesterday morning. Since then, Forkfest 2019's attendance exploded! It's definitely bigger than last year.

@1medge1 and I went to @improvasylumNYC tonight in Manhattan at what was the old UCB Theater. The Stream Punks show was great, even though it was an intimate show for just us and group of teenage girls there for a birthday party. Talented group onstage, lots of laughs. Check them out if you're in NYC.

In the hotel room in NYC for the TALKERS convention, enjoying some wine in a can. It's really good, actually.

This is what lunch in Crypto Mecca looks like - paid for with Bitcoin Cash at @hothogsbbq !'s new BCH-trading site is LIVE. Here's my referral coded link:

WOW, a few days before BCH trading platform launches on Tuesday - its main competitor, bans all local cash trades - its very namesake! Crazy timing. Is there any reporting about this yet? I couldn't find any yesterday.

Only 4 viewers but we're number three in the music category on DLive at - Trance music + Milkdrop visualizer. Far out.

Just sent BCH to - fee was 798 satoshis on a fairly large transaction - 796 Bytes. That's less than half of $0.01.

By comparison, BTC transaction I sent today was only 255 Bytes in size but cost 45,944 satoshis, aka $3.89!

Building a new computer and it was acting crazy, randomly rebooting, then got worse and was rebooting before post. Tried pulling/swapping RAM, didn't help. Put in an old power supply and now it's working. Gotta love a brand new-in-box failing PS.

Thanks to @thedesertlynx for having me on DASH Force News this week to talk about the crypto scenes in New Hampshire vs Tokyo:

Tune in to right now for another episode of "Freer Talk Live" , plus you can watch on our Twitch channel.

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