@medgeftl and I at @anarchapulco 2019 - what a killer event! It was an honor to be part of the best Anarchapulco yet. Photo courtesy Ron Pepper.

Ron Paul was amazing today. He didn't cower and cancel his appearance at @Anarchapulco 2019 - he showed up like a boss and spent tons of time meeting his fans:


Sold a copy of Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree on DVD today for 200 pesos. victimlesscrimespree.com

FTL archives taking forever tonight due to multiple technical factors. Luckily, I have this. Viva Mexico! (Drinking age is only 18 here, FYI)

Soooo much easier to go through customs in Acapulco than in Mexico City. This was the line. If you can avoid a stop in Mexico City, you'll probably save at least an hour of your time.

I'm over a month behind on emails now. Hope to get caught up soon but also need some sleep. Had about two hours so far in the last 24.

Good morning from Boston airport as I begin my journey to Acapulco. @Anarchapulco kicks off in just over a week. Going up early this time to get more time in Acapulco proper.

I heard about another lie being told on the internet. I was never worried about a crazy woman destroying FTL, that was Mark. FTL will be fine. All is well.

For the record, since someone is lying on the internet: Darryl resigned amicably from a managerial role at FTL and was given severance - he was not fired. He's still able to co-host with us, and he was never asked to leave his fiancee.


The Slow-Mo Guys deserve every bit of success they have received. Amazing stuff from them so far, now this:


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