I was the "high" bidder on an illegal cannabis auction this summer at Porcfest at the @Free_Ross auction. Here's video of the historic event:


Maybe they should just call them Babemetal now instead of Babymetal. Moa is 20 now and Suzuka is 21 and both are gorgeous. Here's their newest song, actually in english:


Don't miss Lyn Ulbricht's speech from Porcfest 2019: "Ross Ulbricht's Keys to Inner Strength", which also includes footage of the civil disobedience auction of cannabis!


I don't think they realized how bad the audio was, but for what it's worth, here's my interview with the guys from Nevada Cop Block on their show from Anarchovegas. You've been warned - it's hard to listen to. Great guys though - glad they're keeping Cop Block alive in Vegas.


Playing trance music from 1mix radio now on the LRN.FM DLive channel:


Studio guts. Finally retiring the old Telos OneX6, which was the same phone hybrid that I used at WYNF back in the late 90s. Now LRN.FM is moving a decade ahead in phone hybrid technology, all the way to 2007 with the COMREX STAC! Given COMREX just retired the STAC it seemed a good time to upgrade and I found a good deal on eBay.

The Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network Meetup at @streetsavory in Keene today - good group, great food.

I love Just for Laughs pranks. Here's a good one where the cop looks initially like he's doing something heartwarming, but then...


The clock is ticking!

"I give you the last 72 houɼs to make the Ƿayment before I send
the vίdeo with your ʍasturbation to all your friends"

Want to buy or sell Bitcoin Cash in a more private venue? Check out Bitcoin.com's new local site: local.freetalklive.com

Wow, Gibert Gottfried just made an appearance on the Angry Video Game Nerd. The internet really is amazing.


Just signed up for @twetchapp on twetch.app, per recommendation of @stevenzeiler and @derrickjme

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