I don't rewatch movies often, but this one never gets old. I think the headline here may be correct. Airplane! may be the funniest movie ever made.


Ever wondered how to sell bitcoin online? Here's what you need to know, thanks to @aria_dimezzo


The cops will never change until they are abolished. They're still up to the same old tricks. This weekend Keene PD targeted some peaceful people parked for a late Nightcap party at Central Square:


Here's another old man being knocked over by police, this

Another huge crowd at the BLM event in Nashua. Unlike the Nashua rally, this one has been co-opted by the politicians. All the speakers so far have been elected politicians, including an NH Senator who actually claimed that most cops are good - ridiculous. Overall, police harm peaceful people every day, black and otherwise. I suspect that message won't be on this stage tonight, but I hope I'm wrong.

The eleventh week of Keene Nightcap, the most important and epic thus far. We were well past the ten person mark with several of the`regulars attending plus five people who just happened in to join us. It was amazing and so good to be here in Keene.

Nobody will be filing for NH Governor at 8:30 at the state house tomorrow morning! Please come to support Nobody's attempt to unseat the King. Nobody can save us now.


Protest beginning in Veterans Park in Manchester, hundreds here

Will the burning of the police department be duplicated elsewhere or is this an isolated incident? People are out of work and rightfully angry at the tyrants....

Wow protestors finally got it right and torched the Minneapolis police station. Now if only they'd stop paying taxes too.


On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Hope Chapel's outdoor civil disobedience church here in Keene, and pastor Joe Mabe's sermon was the best I've ever heard. Whether you're Christian or not - I'm not - if you love freedom, you'll really love this video:


Keene crew along with a couple military Veterans took Hampton Beach this cold, wet morning despite "orders" from "HIS EXCELLENCY" prohibiting people from here. Police ignored us.

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