I've been playing trance music along with the milkdrop plugin the last several nights on the LRN.FM Twitch and DLive feeds. Trippy! dlive.lrn.fm

It's pretty cool to see the libertarian camping festival that forked from Porcfest is now one of Porcfest's major sponsors. Kudos to Chris Waid for making it happen!


Was our Twitch feed not working well for you because it was too high resoultion? Try our new 480p feed at our new streaming platform: dlive.lrn.fm

I've recently discovered Free Talk Live. It's a little normie and Statist for my taste but it's almost as entertaining as Dave Smith.

I've been listening to it daily for about a week, and at least half of the shows so far have brought up free software issues or solutions.



We only need five more followers on DLive to reach Verified Partner status. If you're not following us there yet, please take a moment and do so at dlive.lrn.fm - thank you!

We're going to watch and comment on PewDiePie's inaugural broadcast at 1pm Eastern on DLive. Watch us at dlive.lrn.fm or twitch.lrn.fm - we're live NOW!

Tired of those old centralized live video streaming platforms? We're testing out DLive, which claims to be a decentralized video streaming platform - tune in now to Call to Freedom with @AriaDiMezzo


30 viewers on Twitch for tonight's Free Talk Live - tune in at twitch.lrn.fm and stay tuned later for Questioning Authority with Vincent.

The Embark DNA test supposedly tests for Carolina Dog and they say Jazzy isn't a Carolina Dog - but she sure looks like one. Not sure what to think of these results. Interesting.


I'm running the board for another Thursday edition of Questioning Authority now! Watch or listen at lrn.fm and our Twitch at twitch.lrn.fm

Know the restaurant business and looking to move to Keene? According to their social media posts, Pho Keene Great is hiring Sous Chef and Line Cook positions, full time, immediately.

Wow, the internet is an amazing place. I just looked for a video that goes back more than a decade before YouTube was created and it turns out, someone re-made the thing shot-for-shot with the same soundtrack, in HD. If you're a fan of the movie Aliens, you'll like it.


I'm running board tonight for Vincent on "Questioning Authority". Please follow the LRN.FM Twitch and for extra activism points, keep our Twitch channel on one of your browser tabs to help us reach "Twitch Partner". Thank you! twitch.lrn.fm

After an unexpected closing the day after they opened on March 8th, "Pho Keene Great" is back open with a "soft open" - no announcement on their facebook!

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