This fear/mask world is so ridiculous. The banks are the worst part. It's awful.

A bunch of racist trolls invaded the Aria4Sheriff telegram chat we set up and now it's turned to a pro-Rivera room.

We'll be announcing a new chat system soon, but for now, is pointing to Vincent's "Questioning Authority" server. Hop on in to find some of the regulars.

Update on the damage to @Aria_DiMezzo's car: Spray paint removed thanks to two campaign supporters named Matt! See the full update here:

I just donated $75 to the fundraiser to help @Aria_DiMezzo repair the damage done to her car by some local homophobic haters:

Longtime Cheshire County Sheriff Eli Rivera has a new challenger - the Anarchist She-Male @Aria_DiMezzo. It's gonna be an epic election:

I made a little live performance music video of rock/metal band "FUD" and their first original track, titled "That Song" during their first concert at this year's Forkfest:

For the first time in its history, Forkfest had a live musical performance! @Aria_DiMezzo, Michael Gordon, and Captain Kickass's new band "FUD" performed on Independence Day right after the fireworks at Rogers Campground. Here's the full show:

This Friday at 3pm Eastern - the ONLY debate featuring candidates for NH governor in the Republican primary: KAREN VS NOBODY!

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