I'm super grateful to have been with so many great activists from across New Hampshire and beyond today in Concord as we exercised our right to assemble in violation of the "governor's orders":


I had the pleasure of being interviewed today on our affiliate in Richmond, VA, WNTW-AM/FM about the government gang's tyrannical response to Coronavirus:


Freer Talk Live begins at 10:30pm Eastern tonight on Twitch and DLive: twitch.lrn.fm and dlive.lrn.fm

Mark has left the Mariana Islands, but Alex and Dave are keeping the show going there on Friday nights! Listen live at freetalklive.com

We were going to gather over fifty people at the NH state house to protest the governor's ban on assembly, but now we only need eleven people:


I had the pleasure this week of being interviewed on our affiliate in Lynchburg, VA, WLNI-FM on "The Morning Line" with Kenny Shelton. Here's the archive where we of course discussed Coronavirus and freedom:


Apparently there was a hostile takeover of Steemit and now Steem's chain has been forked into the new Hive.io. Here's my profile there:


Keene libertarians to continue gathering for "Social Sunday", NH's longest-running weekly libertarian social meetup. Attend at your own risk - of possible infection or police raid.


YouTube has pulled Free Talk Live's video stream in the middle of our show for violating their "community guidelines", without saying which. Twitch and DLive streams continue -Ian

This "pandemic" paranoia is fucking ridiculous AND a police state all at the same time. Fuck.

If we hit 51 people attending this meetup, there will be a special prize awarded! Join us 5pm on Sunday for the Keene crypto meetup at Bitcoin Embassy NH at 661 Marlboro St. in Keene. Please RSVP:


Yesterday the man calling himself "governor" in NH declared that restaurants and bars and even private clubs would no longer be allowed to have people sitting in them. Today, he has prohibited evictions and foreclosures and also utilities from shutting off services.

"Live free or Die" is dead. Nobody is our only hope. electnobody.com

It's the hot new viral challenge, where bored people at home get out their and purposely eat the worst looking can. If you survive, you win .
Seriously though, thinking about making a video about how I totally failed at having food stored. Apparently you should actually eat the stuff you have saved over time and rotate through it. Also, rust is an enemy of canned food storage.

Physical media is dying and the Victimless Crime Spree DVD is out-of-print. Only about 100 remain for sale. You can get yours with crypto on Open Bazaar at ob://Qmbxz3H7zQx6s4VxHP897t2iMLt74FSUXkEoQmmBCfvLKk/store/derrick-js-victimless-crime-spree-directors-cut-dvd

Time to kill more NAZIs in Wolfenstein 2016 - streaming now on dlive.lrn.fm and twitch.lrn.fm

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