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Trump Voters: "It's OK to Change Your Mind. We Did."

"I thought I'd be a Republican all of my life, but Donald J. Trump has broken my faith in the Republican party."

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As Donald Trump's own brother lay dying in a hospital bed, Trump decided to go out to watch a movie.

The USA is now seeing the same cold indifference as thousands of Americans are dying of Covid19.

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The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns.

The “genius” who hides his college grades.

The “businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 years.

The “playboy” who pays for sex.

The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church.

The “philanthropist” who defrauds charity.

The “patriot” who dodged the draft.

The “innocent man” who refuses to testify.

The "president" who takes no responsibility.

Bye Ivanka: A Public Disservice Announcement

"Our video takes the commencement address given by Ivanka Trump today that no one asked her or invited her to give (which she gave in front of an empty room using White House resources after Wichita State canceled her speech because her and her family are hate mongers) and places her scripted, sterile, and disingenuous words against the backdrop of what is actually going on in the country."

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**Accountability is Gone in America**

"Whether you consider the appalling death toll or the equally unacceptable rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, the United States has one of the worst records worldwide when it comes to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the president has continued to behave just as he promised he would in March when there had been only 40 deaths from More The post Acco…"

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President Truman had a sign on his desk saying "The buck stops here".

Trump: "No, I don't take responsibility at all"

Former U.S Navy SEAL Dr. Dan Barkhuff knows Donald Trump isn't a conservative — he's weak.

And he's the most easily fixable problem in America today.

Denny knows Trump is the divider-in-chief

"He is trying to separate us in any way that he can, instead of bringing us together."

Fearful for how another four years of Trump will impact our democracy, Ed is voting for Joe Biden.

"Donald Trump is a fascist. ... If we don't rise up and get rid of this man we're going to find ourselves in a dictatorship."

Jeffrey from Texas on Russian bounties, COVID-19, and alien DNA

"I'm going to vote for Joe Biden ... This country cannot take another four years of this administration."

Leaders Take Responsibility

Personal responsibility and accountability have always been key to leadership. In the past, we had Presidents who displayed these values and demonstrated humility in the face of failure, mistake, and error.

However, we now have a man occupying the White House who doesn't know the meaning of accountability or personal responsibility.

All Donald Trump knows is blame.

Trump is not just physically weak. He is also a weak leader.

He brags of being strong, but he lets our enemies take advantage of the country, he has our allies laughing at us, and he is unable to perform basic management duties attendant with his job.

Trump is a braggadocio bully with no bite and follow up.

He is the weakest President in American history.

This video exposes just how weak he is.

Hold Trump Accountable

Donald Trump’s victims are still waiting for justice. If not now, when? It's time to

Trump Mails It In: Newly Unearthed 'Access Hollywood' Tape

You can register to vote by mail at

Trump Grifts, You Die

"As our nation suffers and people are sick and dying, Trump is using the office to grift the American public for his own financial benefit."

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