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I know, I know - it's a show day. forgive me, podfather!

the Janky Witch is out, and monkey pox is in! and YOUR Liberty Radio is back, featuring brand spankin' new music from Angry North, DISL Automatic and Lukas Lion! get you some before the shelves are empty!

When the WHO gets its special powers Dr. Gates will be in charge of our country more than the politicians.

Burn Babylon Burn 4 is out. Please check it out
Will not always be only on Youtube. I don't do the tech side and we are working on getting it on better platforms

Dear Commies,
I am right wing AF. I want you to eat the rich. Gobble those fuckers up and choke on the last bite. Bon appetit scumbags.

Hello Gitmo nation, I am happy to say that I have made it on to mastodon


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