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"It doesn't matter how they voted — it is important how they counted."
— Joseph Vissarionovich (1878-1953)

„Неважно, как проголосовали, — важно, как подсчитали.“ — Иосиф Виссарионович (1878-1953)


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I'm getting bloody tired of politics and seeing destroying the nation that adopted me (the good old , not the ). It's time to sit back and write another book. Hold on tight, girlies. It'll be no-holds-barred and hopefully it'd be out before 01/21/2021.

* image courtesy of (

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The Great Reset - Did Yuval Noah Harari Say, "COVID-19 Was the Moment That Surveillance Began Going Under the Skin?"

Video: Pro-abortion protesters try to storm Arizona state Capitol, lawmakers 'held hostage.' Kari Lake calls the event a 'real insurrection.'

If break the law in the name of the /#globalist , you're protected by the .

NHS pays first vaccine damage claim of 120k after death of man via

Does this mean the will follow the steps of the ? and his would have lots to pay for all the lives destroyed and/or jobs lost.

What a sham! What about children with special needs who really get NO HELP to overcome their NEEDS?
No sign language unless deaf, not if nonverbal for other medical reasons like and for "misbehaving" (timeout rooms, bondage, etc.) not being able to communicate their needs.

Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade reversal may help the Democrats in midterms via

They'd do anything to stay in power.

2 People Shot and Killed at Alabama Church, Prayer Circles Form on Site in Immediate Aftermath - CBN News via

Does even care about these murders? Would they simply ignore the evil some people have in their hearts, but rather blame guns?

Mom of 13-year-old who drowned in Jamaica Bay mourns 'happy and helpful' son via

This is what's WRONG with the Department of Education and the City government as a whole. The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing and way around.

Millions of electric cars are coming. What happens to all the dead batteries? - American Association for the Advancement of Science via

* not attacking cars, but still troubling

BOYCOTTING BIDEN: Leaders of Latin-America Nations, Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala and Honduras BOYCOTT Biden’s Latin-America Summit

The all makes fun of

AOC Insists Democrats Call Hispanics Latinx, a Term the Plurality of [Hispanics] Find Offensive

what stupid, highly entitled little girl!

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