Months ago I said that I believed these goonerment goonsquad restrictions on the livelihood of families would kill children worldwide as the economy comes to a screeching halt.


What an election! We have a republican who won't stand up for an effective cheap treatment for COVID that he knows will work and a demon-crap who doesn't have a brain.


Nah. Deepfakes are a GOOD thing. The media and the goonerment goonsquad lie about everything anyway. It's about time the sheeple learn to STOP believing everything they see and hear.

QUESTION everything! EXPECT lies!

READ IT PEOPLE! Sweden (also Taiwan and Japan) have kicked the corona butt WITHOUT goonerment goonsquad mandated lockdowns and mask mandates!


THANK YOU!! Masks DON'T work! All the studies (with the exception of one very biased one) show that mask effectiveness in preventing the spread of virus is next to zero.

The goonerment goonsquad is LYING (no surprise there...)

THANK YOU!! Masks DON'T work! All the studies (with the exception of one very biased one) show that mask effectiveness in preventing the spread of virus is next to zero.

The goonerment goonsquad is LYING (no surprise there...)

Why is our goonerment goonsquad trying to kill grandma? There's a SAFE and EFFECTIVE treatment for COVID that they are trying to restrict.

They are killing off our elderly and weak members of society!

The number of lives destroyed and even deaths from the goonerment goonsquad destruction of the world's economy will be far worse than ANY pandemic in the history of the world...


Yeah, it's TOTAL nonsense people. The number (no doubt inflated) of dead from this virus is no where near past pandemics and yet THIS one is the one where the goonerment goonsquad decided to destroy LIBERTY for the illusion of safety...

I want to go to Sturgis! At least the motorcycle types aren't afraid of this stupid virus! Statistics have proven this virus is not much worse than a bad flu season and yet everyone is buying the goonerment goonsquad propaganda!!

Here's the SCIENCE! An exhaustive compilation of studies on hydrochloroquine on COVID. Don't ban this information @Twitter (you goonerment goonsquad bitch you).

Truth is HCQ with AZ and zinc results in many lives SAVED!

It's been 75 years since the USA goonerment goonsquad murdered over 100k people in a flash. It's a sobering event that we should NEVER forget. God help us if any war turns nuclear in the future...

The goonerment goonsquad WANTS more COVID deaths. They are purposely undermining worldwide data showing success for EARLY hydroxychloriquine treatment. Instead they are treating patients who are too far gone and then saying it "doesn't work"...

WHY is there such strong propaganda against a SAFE and EFFECTIVE treatment for COVID? It's clear to me. The drug companies are lobbying the goonerment goonsquad so they can push their expensive and less effective treatments...

These are my own numbers. All you scientists please prove me wrong (if you can). I demonstrate how the goonerment goonsquad panic over "climate change" is wrong since if you burn up ALL carbon fuel instantly there is a very small change in atmospheric Co2.

Ok time to make this point again. The goonerment goonsquad and media are LYING about climate change (no surprise there)! Put humans in perspective. The planet is huge and we are tiny. When you think it through there's NO WAY little humans can affect this huge planet...

But I thought Donal Trump "loves Wikileaks"... He said it a million times during his campaign. How come he's done NOTHING to right the wrongs against a journalist who simply exposed the TRUTH??

Careful girls! Don't look too sexy on the beach or the goonerment goonsquad is gonna git ya!




There really are some "good guys" in the goonerment goonsquad. This message is to them...

Please review your actions. If you wanted to protect Liberty when you joined then you need to STOP arresting people for victimless crimes!

Is it possible that people CAN'T see the tyranny?? Have the American people become so dense that they have totally lost their love of LIBERTY? Are we going to lick the goonerment goonsquad boots - FOREVER??

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