Investigation into CCP goonerment goonsquad organ harvensting. It's a shocking conclusion that no one would believe if the evidence wasn't clear. Time to stop doing any business with CCP.
CCP is NOT China! They are criminals!

Good! The UN climate summit needs to fail. There's NOTHING these goonerment goonsquad clowns can do to "fix" anything. They can't even fix the potholes in the roads... You think they can FIX the PLANET?? The planet is doing fine... WE'RE foulked...

Yeah except the temperature is not rising any significant amount (every "prediction" has been wrong) and even if there is a bit of warming it's driven by the sun. The goonerment goonsquad can't fix ANYTHING much less the "planet"...

Great documentary on what has been happening in Hong Kong. The protesters are fighting the goonerment goonsquad oppression and control by Beijing. The CCP does not honor their agreement and...
CCP is NOT China

We need to stress that CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is NOT China. They are just a lapdog of Marx and Lenin. It's in their school textbooks. They don't hide it. It's another form of colonialism and we need to point that out to Chinese everywhere...

A very brave young lady taking a stand in support of the protesters when her own father is a high official in the Hong Kong goonerment goonsquad. Putting Liberty first!

Read up flag wavers. You can get jail time for burning the Chinese goonerment goonsquad flag. This what you want here? Instead of free speech you can have tyranny - Just like China!!

The right to keep and bear arms. It's pretty damned clear. "The People" have this right, not the goonerment goonsquad. In this day of "public education" people have been so dumbed down they can't even understand a simple sentence...

The number of times the goonerment goonsquad has hurt innocent people is beyond count! It's time for people to WAKE UP to the FACT that this idea of "state monopoly on force" is a deadly hazard to us all!!

More chemtrailing today? No, it's Southwest Flt 1530 Dallas to Boston. Most of what you see in the sky is NOT the goonerment goonsquad spraying us...

The CCP goonerment goonsquad is just colonialism all over again. They bow to their masters Marx and Lenin like the slaves they are. Why not instead pay some attention to REAL Chinese scholars such as Confucius??

CCP is NOT China!

The goonerment goonsquad proves over and over that they are not here to "serve" us. They only serve their masters, the 1%. The "little people" are only good for them to hide behind so they don't get hurt.


Are Falun Gong a bit of a cult?? Probably. Does that mean the CCP goonerment goonsquad has a right to jail them and murder them??

I can't believe that this is even a discussion!!

Think the Chinese goonerment goonsquad can't affect you or your business because they are "way over there"? Their "social credit score" is being applied to companies all over the world and they will try to put you out of business if your score is too low.

Socialism. It destroyed Venezuela - the richest South American economy and it destroys economies everywhere it's tried. A goonerment goonsquad can NEVER run an economy. It needs to run on it's own without restraint.

Brilliant open letter to Ann Rand written in 1969 by Roy Childs to convince Ann that only in the absence of a goonerment goonsquad can Liberty be fully realized. I think he makes a bullet proof argument!

All those who want "socialism" here in the US are free to partake in any private version of socialism they can dream up. For the rest of us we have a right to not have a goonerment goonsquad force us to participate or pay for it...

The the CCP goonerment goonsquad 50 cent army has reinforcements! "Fangirls" spend time on facebook, twitter and youTube even though those are "outlawed" in China (so they have to use VPN through the great firewall.

CCP is NOT China!

Wait... Has anyone told you that the goonerment goonsquad taxation is theft?? (TiT)

Here's some of those dangerous protesters you have heard about. SHOCKING!! I guess the CCP goonerment goonsquad is right in trying to silence these vicious children!!

CCP is NOT China

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