"Death is pouring through [the border]," says Donald Trump. Why he doesn't know what he's talking about coming up on the Call to Freedom.

The Anarchist Shemale is back, at theanarchistshemale.com

Your guess is as good as mine regarding where 2017's content is.

Go on over and pre-order your penny jar, a tool to teach children about saving and charity.


Currently talking to Osamah Saleh about their effort to develop a tool to teach children to save PennyJar

Tomorrow, the Anarchist Shemale officially returns at theanarchistshemale.com

Can't ban me if I own the site. ;)

The Twitch after show Freer Talk Live is starting now at twitch.tv/lrn_fm

Tune in for uncensored, truly free talk.

Aria is currently sitting in on Free Talk Live. Listen in!!!

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