In the latest episode, Joe Biden tries to sweet talk Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I've been neglecting this account, but here is episode 11 of The Hat and The Hair.

Took the kids trick or treating Wednesday and not one person tried to slip the kids drugs. So much for the

Well, I didn’t win the Mega Millions, so that just proves this whole country is racist against me.

Anarchist or minarchist? someone else should tally the votes, I'm bad at math, went to a public school.

So, what government grants can troll farmer get? I'm just looking to take on the family business. It's a small family owned troll farm, organic of course.

I made this fake reason cover for a contributor who makes fake Teen Vogue covers, but it's just so funny to my I'll share it here. as well.

So as a person with knowledge of how the president thinks, I can tell you this is 50% ture.

I'm the co-creator of The Hat and The Hair, a satirical cartoon about getting advice from his crazed MAGA hat and his more balanced hairpiece. Available both on youtube and bitchute.


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